怨'z-オンズ- new look

怨’z-オンズ- just posted their new look.
Retweet the following tweet for them to post a new song!

vo.四月一日御幸(Watanuki Miyuki) (仮病(Kebyo))

gt.雛菊 雛(Hinagiku Hina) (仮病(Kebyo))


incredible look, retweeted fassst.


damn the new song is kinda addictive

The song is okay I think lol, the look is still a treasuuuree D:

Release ちっぽけな遺書 you bastards !!!

The song “ちっぽけな遺書” was distributed by mail.
You had to meet certain requirements to receive the song, very limited copies.

Oh noooo <//3 I’m so bad at meeting requirements lol…

Well thanks for the heads-up! I’ll make my way to REQs with a small handful of prayers I guess!

and assuming it never shows up anywhere, RELEASE IT AGAIN you bastards D:<