逹瑯 (Tatsurou) (MUCC) new album "COLORS" and cover album "Pandora Juke Vox" release

Both albums are decent, not the release of the year though.

COLORS is basically an EP (4 songs we already knew, 6 new songs, 1 intro). On the other hand there’s albums with 7 tracks only too.
It’s as expected: anisong-esque vibes (lots of piano parts and violin), sunny spring day good mood music. It’s definitely a solid album, but nothing outstanding or extraordinary. I had the impression that it was heavier/more guitar based than his prior releases though (more like CRASH MAN/New chaotic paradise). PASSCODE is a slower song with piano/violin, but really orchestral/soundtrack-ish and a dark heavy kind of ballad with heavier guitars.

Also apparently they changed the tracklist since the announcements (and haven’t updated it anywhere).

Homepage tracklist → actual tracklist from CD/booklet:

  1. introduction
  3. LASTICA type RE:
  4. OVERKILL → お前だよ
  5. エンドロール
  7. お前だよ → ソラノカタチ
  8. NOBLE
  9. 残刻
  10. ソラノカタチ → PASSCODE

So they either dropped CATHARSIS and replaced it with OVERKILL or they renamed the song and switched up the tracklist.

Pandora Juke Vox is an acoustic cover album (which makes it less interesting for me personally), but I think the idea was to have like a chronicle of songs: The songs range from the 70s (RC Succession) to the 80s/90s (LUNA SEA, Kuroyume, BUCK-TICK,…) up to the 2000s (speena, GLAY) and present day (the MUCC self cover).
Like I said, the acoustic part makes it less interesting, especially if you don’t know the songs.
So if you are going to listen to it, make a playlist with original song → cover, original song → cover,… I enjoyed it way more then. All of the songs are on Spotify (or YT) too.


On kind of related news…seems Tatsurou is going back to Taiwan as part of the FC activities with a 3 days trip with some unplug live show (also open for Taiwan ppl)…for just 250 K yens :joy:


COLORS is available to streaming services also to buy on OTOTOY

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Seriously lastica was a disappointment imho - the re-recording is basically tatsuro attempting different genres (going from electronica?? to hard rock) of lastica as the song progresses

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Yea, the remix part was obviously done buy the guy from Arlequin (don’t know his name), but I actually really enjoy the second re-recorded part. But like you said, it feels like they smashed the re-recording and the remix together which makes it weird.

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I know everyone’s hating on the whole generic pop sound his singles are giving but if he honestly got Kosuke Oshima to arrange/produce (like he did the other singles), and the same session musician line up (Ikuo and Yuya Komoguchi) from Zankoku, he would have had a more novel sounding Lastica…

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Are you guys impressed by his new songs?

I mentioned that they dropped CATHARSIS and changed the tracklist (on the limited version). Apparently that was the reason for the postponement.

So PASSCODE (which is actually really good, can’t think of a reason why he’d replace that song…) is now an exclusive track to the pre-order/limited version:

──The album ``COLORS’’ was finally completed after changing some of the songs and the order of the songs. As a result, the release date has been postponed from the originally planned date.

Tatsuro: Due to various circumstances, one of the songs we had planned could not be recorded. I thought a lot about whether to remove that one song and release it as is. The song “CATHARSIS” that was added as a result was a song that I had written around the same time as the production of the album, and I was debating whether or not to include it in this album. However, I didn’t include it in this album because I thought the melody was too bright. However, I felt a little uncomfortable about having a nine-song album with one song removed, and I thought that if I wanted to include “CATHARSIS,” I would have to change the order of the songs, so I tweaked the order of the songs to create a new album. …Well, the look of the album has changed 180 degrees. This one song is different.

──I was able to listen to the previous version for the interview, but the original song “PASSCODE” had a heavy taste, so changing it to “CATHARSIS” gave me the impression that it had more of a pop feel. is.

Tatsuro: Yes. That’s why the finished album is by no means bad. Although the colors are different from what I originally wanted for ``COLORS,‘’ it stands as a work in its own right. It’s changed from what I expected, but I’m glad I made some new discoveries.


[討論] 靠翻譯的 , 請見諒

[Discussion] I rely on translation, please forgive me

雖然我可以接受作品的"整體性" , 但現在的問題就是會讓收到錯誤包裹的歌迷 , 未來會有可能炒作這張專輯的手段? 雖然我也很想擁有他 , 好讓這張專輯我也能夠有 11 首歌

Although I can accept the “wholeness” of the work, the problem now is that fans who received the wrong package may be a means of hyping this album in the future? Although I also want to have him, so that this album I There can also be 11 songs

做為一直支持他們的歌迷 (TW) , 我只是覺得最近MUCC + SOLO 的問題出了太多了! 並且不知道是因為在日本已經算很紅的團體! 我感覺到很多決定非常的獨裁! 老實說~ 我不喜歡這樣的商業模式

As a fan who has always supported them (TW), I just feel that there have been too many problems with MUCC + SOLO recently! And I don’t know if it’s because they are already a very popular group in Japan! I feel that many decisions are very authoritarian! Honestly Say ~ I don’t like this business model

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雖然目前錯誤的專輯! 在 YAHOO JP 拍賣以及 mercari 上到現在都沒有人在賣 (也有可能我搜索錯誤 XD) 說真的~ 有收藏的價值嗎? 我苦笑…?
還是說等待那個機會購買美麗的錯誤 XD

Although it’s the wrong album at the moment! No one is selling it on YAHOO JP auction or mercari (it’s also possible that I searched it wrong XD) Seriously~ Is it worth collecting? I smiled bitterly…?
Or is it a mistake to wait for that opportunity to buy beauty XD

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It feels hard to believe that suddenly like 1-2 weeks before the original release date they decided to drop one song, reorder the tracklist, etc. Unless the press is really small…by that time shouldnt all the CDs/artwork already be printed and ready to distribute?

Btw, what about the Pandora one, was also delayed?

Apparently Passcode was a single on Spotify at one point but I can’t find it anywhere lol

I think the Pandora release was distributed in a limited fashion (venue & mail order) and his tweets seem to suggest there won’t be a mainstream release :crossed_fingers:

Interestingly found this tweet dating back to 2017 in his main account:


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最終! 我想我購入了他! 應該是說搶到他! 從03/13發售到今天! 只有一個人願意拋售出來賣(且還是中古的)! 我想我瘋了… 但這樣一來! 我就擁有 共11首歌了

Finally! I think I bought him! I should say grabbed him! From the release on 03/13 to today! Only one person is willing to sell it (and it is second-hand)! I think I am crazy… But like this Come! I have a total of 11 songs


How come you translate from chinese?

I think he/she is Taiwanese and wants to make sure everyone understands him/her correctly…

How come you don’t know mucc6? He is the VK god who generously shares VK rarez in high quality. He is one of a kind.


I received COLORS (weborder version) and Pandora a week after the original release date, was shipped a day before the original release date. The delay only concerned the regular version for some reason.

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逹瑯 (TATSURO) (ex.MUCC) - COLORS 24-03-13 / 会場&オフィシャル通販盤 / 回收盤