🍂『Autumn Vibes PVs 』~pumpkin spice ver.~🍂

We all probably can name a dozen of sakura themed and decorated PVs (often featuring generous green screen), winter PVs (surprisingly often shot out doors, which is an achievement for our frugal visual darlings), so many videos filmed in the summer, yet there’s a notable absence of videos shot in the most gorgeous, cardigan and layered wig suitable season of the year.

now that I think of it, I can’t name one autumn PV filmed over the good ten past years, how sick is that? I completely fell out of what the youths are making.

it’s been raining for good several days where I’m at, and I wanted to add some aesthetic visual cheer, so let’s post our seasonal autumn favorites here!

I’ll start with this nostalgic video by Gackt:

followed by some young and beautiful naito:

I’m not sure a couple dead twigs and a small, theatric wasteland count, but the stage in this video has that “border between the worlds” vibe, so I’ll throw it in:

and the very expensive cinematic production by Dir en grey to wrap my list up…

no halloween vids please!
we are not having fun, for this is a thread where 『seasonal affectional dis:order』 thrives!


As a demostration that autumn in VK is out of fashion, I bring oldass beautiful Malice Mizer “Au revoir” with its late autumn aesthetics.


maybe if young acts started dressing and vogueing out in October they would get malice mizer sales as well! :tired_face:


Not a PV, but I had to post my favorite Kra look!


There is no snow, so i suppose it could fit some late autumn feelings :thinking:


photos are good too!! everything for that seasonal chestnut roasted in tears!

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Autumn is my favorite season too. Will have to search and see what I can find tho, as nothing comes to mind offhand. :thinking:

I literally only could pull the dir en grey and duel jewel video right away which was a surprise to me… like how is this season so slept on in visual kei…

another oldie, only available with glorious animated subs that totally don’t distract from the picture:


Zigzag’s new MV has some strong autumn vibes


thank you!!! we stan fresh content here!!! seriously my entire selection is so old… I love how intimate that video feels.

I found this culture appropriation-kei gem with a clear fall/winter feel meanwhile :

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this gives me nice autumn vibes


This PV has Autumn aura


yaasss glamscure, we stan Chaos here :clap: :clap: :clap: