3470.mon new album "みんなのうた" release

I’ve been living in Japan for years so I just bought it through their webshop. Sorry I couldn’t be of help.

They announced on Twitter that the album will be coming to digital platforms after everyone who ordered the physical edition gets their copy. Despite being sold out, there are also a few copies that they held back in case of issues like damage in transit, which will be sold at their live on 8/4 if they are left over.


I wanted to get it lol I seen they were sold out I was like. Thank you for the info :upside_down_face:


本日3470.mon 1st ALBUM

7月31日0時より「みんなのうた」サブスクリプションを解禁とさせて頂きます。https://t.co/MKYGukbM3L pic.twitter.com/rBN4uqnsSw

— 3470.mon Official (@3470mon) July 28, 2023

Album will be available digitally 7/31


Marvelous! More people will get to listen to it this way. Even so I am still hoping to get a physical copy on Mercari some day.

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Thanks for the heads up on the digital version, I might check it out~ :eyes:

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