90s J-music Recommendations

As the title says I’m looking for 90s music recommendations vk or non-vk I’d actually like some variety. I like most genres of music so essentially anything is fine. I also thought this could benefit others seeking music recommendations.

I myself, didn’t start listening to Japanese music until around 2006 and most of the bands I’m aware of are from that era basically 2000 to present. But I’ve not really took a deep dive in much 90s stuff a little here and there dir en grey, Luna Sea, Malice Mizer, etc. but not much. I’d really love to start taking a look at 90s music in Japan.

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Too much cool stuff to mention!! But some bands that haven’t been mentioned yet:

BAISER - perfect catchy melodic vk with one of the best vocalists in the game

Laputa - classic vk from Nagoya that became quite big

La’Mule - another classic, they remained indies for the most part tho

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I love JESSE’s dad’s stuff.

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Really loving these songs guys. I was just remembering Domestic†Child the solo project of SHUN Deshabillz and Deshabillz themselves. Anyone know anymore goth rock, post-punk, new wave bands? Vk or non-vk.

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Edwarda-gya is here!

What kind of goth bands you;re interested? I;m not sure if youll like it because all the goth bands have no connections with vkei and the most of them were active from 1980 to 1988.
If you have no idea I would like to recommend you to start with these holy trinity of platinum classics

Not a fan but the most popular goth band in japan is timeless auto-mod

Hmm I think early DEAD END is something between goth and vkei.

Also EX-ANS may be between goth and vkei

Late 80s early 90s MOTHER GOOSE have no connections with vkei but theyre my personal favorites

MOTHER GOOSE dr TELL is also neurotic doll:s drummer! Theyre still active. TELL also was MUNIMUNI;s support drummer until 2011(?)

Not really goth but early SODOM was a really good hardcore…

I think that;s enough for the first time, haha


Pretty much anything similar or reminiscent of The Cure. All of yours were great. Already knew AUTO-MOD.

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On the weird new-wavier side of things I can’t believe I forgot the all time greats:

Depending on which album or song you listen to, they dabbled in folk rock, indie-pop, industrial, jazz rock, new wave, art rock, etc.

The first few albums of these guys were extremely good too, kinda light vk with art rock and proggy elements mixed in:


Can’t help with the request for goth/post-punk stuff, but if we’re allowed non-VK bands, I’m gonna throw these two in as well:

^This live video is from the 00s, but the song is from the 90s. He’s still great now, but the effortless charisma 90s/00s Chiba Yusuke had was just off the charts.

Love The Pillows.

Well, this is more 80s than 90s, but Goth:

I am surprised no one mentioned Lucifer Luscious Violenoue and her projects like Gille’ Loves and fiction:

Also from the 80s, Kokushoku Elegy sounded a lot like Siouxsie and the Banshees:

Also other Goth stuff (most is from the 80s again):

Now for an 90s band that was right at the very fringe or middle of both Goth and VK, Velvet Endroit. These guys were also friends with many 90s VK bands:

From there I’d recommend most of bands from the early to mid 90s “Nagoya kei” scene. They all had a very huge Goth and Deathrock influence in their formative days:

Later on this kind of sound became standard for the indies VK bands signed to labels like Matina, Soleil or Key Party, which I also highly recommend:

I’ll probably can find even more stuff… the 90s were really a great era for underground and alternative music and Visual kei.


Thought I’d mention Deshabillz since they’re one of the only 90s bands I knew.


That’s because I’ve just now seen this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Janne Da Arc, you should expect that from me by now


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