ALTEiD album release 'NOBODYKNOWS' and disbandment

ALTEiD disbanded on 2020.07.15 and released their first and only album ‘NOBODYKNOWS’.

2 - natsumemo
3 - soushisouai
4 - moshibokutodeaenaisekaigaattatoshite
5 - SpecialGirl.
6 - tsuredure-life
9 - StarLace

apparently, the album wasn’t completely finished in time, so some of the songs are very demo in nature. Available on spotify:

there’s also a unlisted live performance of some of their new songs, watch while you can:

they were super meme, but I’d say some of their songs had potential… SpecialGirl., StarLace and specially tsuredure-life and moshibokutodeaenaisekaigaattatoshite are bops. If you liked 8P-SB, there’s something for you here