Amai Bouryoku (甘い暴力) new look

Sweet violence aka Amai Bouryoku (甘い暴力) recently updated on their new look


Looks more or less the same to me, just more polished.

I kinda would like to see an uncensored version of the images to see what kind of lewd magazines they are in the end.


cute (but ARE those ero magazines? The one in Saki’s pic looks like a shoujo magazine or smth lol)


there’s something interesting about this song… can’t say its good and all, but definitely there’s some flavor to it

this band still being a thing surprises me tbh. Shounenki was a blast and Amai Bouryoku is like all their worst parts amped up, but there’s something about their shtick that I cant figure out that apparently is working well for them

good for the fans, I guess

Honestly I like this song, as per usual the song has a catchy chorus that makes me go back to it even if it’s not… polished? Theatrical would be more appropriate, probs.

Then again, it just seems so unfair to compare them to Shounenki? Even if it’s mostly the same members Shounenki played the whole “golden era” vk scene thing straight (at a time when it was pretty uncool already). I speak from feeling alone but so much of AmaBo seems to be lost in translation (more like in culture …) intentionally so, so in the end I’m amazed that they can still put out something that’s enjoyable even for someone like me who isn’t the targeted audience lol


Amai Bouryuku does the meta-kei thing, I think? Kind of like what zigzag does sometimes. The singer sometimes holds a “end of life bandman” sign in their MVs.

They are definitely more popular than I expected for a band without much SNS presence

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New MV


What do yall think about the MV. I like this song has a interesting charm to it. Reminds me of some of their earlier stuff in 2016.

I really like this song. In some ways it reminds me of Maximum the Hormone. That breakdown reminds me of Dexcore. The MV is simple but cool, I like the darker setting of it.

I feel like dexcore is heavier then this but yea MTH i agree a bit of mix with that.

I mean the type of breakdown not the heaviness necessarily. That silence before the breakdown.
Reminds me kind of how the last breakdown in Red Eye starts.

Ah ok.


It’s a mess and I loved every second of it

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Kei is just so pure <3

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