ANSIFLE new look

ANSIFLE just posted their new look.

Vocal: 酒月いずみ

Guitar: 仄白トト

Guitar: 大和タケル

Bass: 黒狼ウル

Drums: 逢魔コマ


oaaa… nice! Can’t wait to hear more new music as well.

Also they will held a (release?) event on September 2nd. More info will follow soon.

Dr.逢魔コマ (ouma coma) will depart sometime at the end of September due to differences in direction

Coma has held his last live on 9/28 and he will be moving from Osaka to Tokyo to further pursue his career as a drummer.

I always wondered what the reason was, so above explains everting I guess.
Hope he has some success in Tokyo :blush: