Artist(s)/Band(s) that you would love to get into, but it just won’t click?

There’s a thread for bands that you used to not like but became a fan of, but I feel like there are just some bands try as hard as I might I can’t get into it and just doesn’t click. Am I the only one? The bands would be cali=gari (tried to get into the fandom at least five times in two years) XANVALA is another one, tried when they debuted, but they can’t keep my interest and I don’t see what makes them so special. I’d then say NICOLAS, LUNA SEA, the GazettE since DOGMA, I tried DazzlingBAD at least 3 times, and last but not least BUCK-TICK, Xaa-Xaa, JILUKA, Ashmaze, and Zeke Deux. All of these bands I’ve tried to get into several times and they don’t keep my attention for long and their music whether it be the vocals or the music in general doesn’t stand out. Am I crazy? Is it just an exercise in futility? Have you ever been there? I look forward to seeing if I’m alone or not.


This is me and Diaura tbh. They sound generally okay to me, but I cannot quite find The Song to get me hooked. : /

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I tried listening to their best of and I like the singer and his taste in hats, but idk I just can’t get into them. The music is fine, but nothing I haven’t heard before.

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I believe I’m the minority. I can’t get into Mejibray because of the vocals.


I’m not too surprised to hear someone doesn’t like Tsuzuku’s voice, but that’s extremely rare.

Codomo Dragon. I really like their bass player but their music doesn’t do it for me. Same with Kiryu.

Buck-tick. I loved dress, but I’ve given the rest of their discography 2, 3 tries, just not for me.
Penicillin. Adore Hakuei’s style, neither his voice nor the melodies grabbed me.
To a lesser extent, lynch. When I first heard them, I sat up and took notice. But after a few, not sure how to phrase this, I couldn’t tell their songs apart? The rhythm especially just blur into one. I’ll try again after their hiatus.


I love dress and Alice, but nothing else has caught my attention, and as far as Penicillin goes I used to worship Hakuei and loved Penicillin, but some time after I just fell off and stopped caring and the fact they never made live dvds always made me resent them in a way. I’m sure like a lot of people I dropped off of lynch after Dark. I tried to get back into them the other day, downloaded all ten discs of their box set and Hazuki’s solo, but nope, deleted it all within a day. C’est la vie.

They look cool and the pvs are nice, but the music just isn’t there for me either, same with Kiryu, and pretty much all of the bands in that genre.

I didn’t realise penicillin never recorded live DVDs! How peculiar. I’ll seek out Alice then as I do enjoy listening to Atsushi, his colllab with Shiina Ringo was a god-send.
I think my introduction to Lynch was Evoke. Ring was a fantastic ballad. Their cover of mucc and d’erlanger were great. The rest just failed to stick in my head

Lynch became very repetitive at one point and Hazuki and co even admitted that after I think it was Avant Garde it was a struggle to make music. Yeah Alice in Wonder Underground is so catchy I’d recommend it. Penicillin have released 1 concert dvd in 2014 and 2013 a few clips on some singles and albums but before that their last time was Penicillin nano in 2011 and dvd in 2007/2005 for I think just the fanclub and before that a concert as Rock Opera Hamlet and a series of vhs way back in the 90’s

It literally seems like Penicillin decided to release live dvds around the time I stopped caring about them…x_x;

I’m curious to see what this hiatus will achieve in terms of Lynch’s musical direction and output. Although I do wonder how they’ll pull everyone back from their side projects at the end of the year.

I think Lynch. may be going the way of say L’Arc or any other band that will now just come together every few years for a new payday, especially if Hazumi’s solo takes off and VIVACE take off and kein decide to stay around for any amount of time (that’s still pretty crazy that they’re back.).

I feel like cali≠gari aren’t exactly gaijin friendly and make it exceedingly hard to get any of their dvds and merch and a good bit of their releases music wise. I understand if they literally just don’t care about that since they probably don’t think they have an international fanbase since they’re so niche in VK as it is, but yeah.

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Once a band hit the 20 year mark, doing what laruku does is probably wise. Most of them can’t physically handle 2, 3 tours a year, or mentally churn out new music at regular intervals. Side projects and semi hiatus keep things fresh.

Oh… there are a lot in my list…
Sick². I just can’t get into them. I don’t like their MVs which surprisingly pisses me off. And the visuals too, I usually don’t care how they look but the makeup of this band is bothering me so much.
Jiluka. I like Xenomorphic but I just don’t want to listen to other albums or even singles. And Sena is making me feel uncomfortable while I listen or watch him. He looks like a cold person that will get my bag and paint it with yellow paint.
I can’t get much into BUCK-TICK too. The same as Jiluka. The only album that I enjoy listening to is Juusankai wa Gekkou and can’t get into the others. Am I the only one that doesn’t like the voice of Atsushi? He is good, but It’s not what my ears are searching for.
Alice Nine and MUCC. Here the vocal is my problem again.
Golden bomber, LuLu, the Gallo…

In the end I can say the two things that piss me off are

  1. The character/image of one of the bandomens.
  2. The vocalist.

Let’s be honest, if you’re THAT successful by the time your band turns 20, you should have enough money to last you the rest of your life if you didn’t waste it all.

I loved MUCC from 6 to Kyotai, but after that I just got tired of Tatsuro’s vocals, and Miya stopped making anything interesting in my opinion. I also don’t like the Gallo or Alice Nine because of the vocals and JILUKA is fun every once in a while, but it feels too eastern to me, no Japanese flair to differentiate it from every other metalcore band musically, obviously their looks are on point, but yeah.

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Lol I couldnt get into Mucc but really enjoyed their tribute album. Mucc by other ppl is right up my street! Who knew…
Alice nine is my fav but I freely admit Shou’s voice is a, an acquired taste, b, never going to be a top tier vocalist

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