ARYU (ex-MORRIGAN) & Kazuya (ex-THE DC) new band, "東京インフェルノ" (Tokyo INFERNO) has formed

ARYU (ex.MORRIGAN) & Kazuya (ex-THE DC) session has changed to new band, “東京インフェルノ” (Tokyo INFERNO) in May and they have started formal activities as of 8/24. They held their first live back on 6/4 at Shinsaibashi Shovel. Their concept is “戦国×サイバー” (Sengoku x Cyber).

Vo.火々(Kaka) (Kazuya (ex-glad. → ROZARY (ロザリー) → L~Lotus~ → L → DICTATOR CIRCUS → THE DC → Rs:ARFT))
Vo.龍炎寺烈火(Ryuenji Rekka) (ARYU (ex-Moeru Konayuki (燃える粉雪) → XIBALBA → MORRIGAN → THE DEVIL INSIDE))
Gt.不知火(Shiranui) (Yuiha (ex-Orochi (大蛇) → OROCHI → Xrista → Synk;yet support → Synk;yet → SIRENE support → Mikansei ALICE (未完成アリス))
Ba.戦火(Senka) (Mika (ex-Engage → DE/CLIO))
Ma.乍火(Nagarabi) (39 (ex-BellCUBE → VAASTU → KILLANETH → TRNTY D:CODE))


HOLY #SS!!! Here from minute one, this going to be amazing with these two guys :birthday:

I was still waiting to hear something from THE DEVIL INSIDE but this is pretty cool.

Finally took aryu a while to make an actual band.

Hopefully we get a sample soon.

Sounds promising with the line-up.

man , this is gonna be awesome!!! /-_-\ /

Tokyo Inferno will begin full-scale activities at their oneman live on 12/4 at Ikebukuro Edge

btw it seems they’ve had some drama with their costumes being similar to an anime character from Touken Ranbu, ie, slapping their band logo on a premade Tsurumaru Kuninaga cosplay costume. even their producer apologized and followed it up with 2 members making a comment video about it. It appears that the band is still wearing these costumes however.


I hope this is just a hook to get an audience, because it sounds too generic, even for this period of IDOL bands.

Even KAVKA with a seemingly lower budget sounded much fresher in this same style. The presence or (artistic contribution) of Kazuya is not even noticeable, since most of his projects were characterized by that originality/freshness in the middle of the water :cold_face:

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Cringe music for the most part, aryu was a terrible live vocalist but he was at least good in studio but the same cannot be said here :((

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Yep, it has idol kei written all over it

should be tokyo terror and not inferno, cause this was terror to the ears

It is funny how everyone seems to hate it, because I seriously dig it.
This is definitely a very light Morrigan but I really grave anything new like Morrigan badly for quite some time now.

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Not a fan of this song but at least it’s nice to hear Aryu again.

Always dig the trance-kei.


I’m still not convinced what they’re trying to create musically. But I appreciate that they are testing themselves as a duo, so other musicians could take a chance on creating bands or active sessions. (Manifesting a band of three vocalists / Youka(IOLITE), Loki(ex.Sugar) and Hibari(LIQUID))

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What an change of pace for aryu Im hoping to see some more heavier stuff but I don’t see that happening with this. :fearful:

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This is different. That synth is overpowered.