[ASK I FALL] International metalcore band in Tokyo

ASK I FALL is an international Metalcore band based in Tokyo.
The band are Rid🇮🇹(Vo), Nishiva🇯🇵(Gt), Zack🇫🇷(Ba) and Robin🇫🇷(Dr).

With a global line-up and experience from different countries and genres, the four released their debut EP 「Chroma」 in 2021 and started their own metal event called Moshin’ Tokyo.
In February 2022 ASK I FALL released a MV for new song call 「LINKS」

ASK I FALL and Moshin’ Tokyo is still happening in Japan and while mixing influences of Japanese and international Metalcore, wants to be the bridge and a point of encounter for the two sounds and cultures.

■ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ask_i_fall
■ Facebook: askifall
■ Instagram: askifall_official
■ Spotify, Apple music, Amazon music


How to get rid of Rid?
Sorry but that joke had to be made.

Nice Song. :sunglasses:
I don’t know why but your vocalists voice reminds me of the vocals of pop-punk bands.

the music is really cool but the singers disconnect from english felt kind of apparent but the locals wont know what is being said anyways so probably best to focus on melody line then write above it, the もう一度 part in the middle was pretty cringy but that is part of the learning curve I think with all the foreigner mixed bands here. Your gimmick is you are foreign so no need to put in any 片言 parts that just lessens the quality. will keep checking you guys out! best wishes~

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