Auction Watch

seems to be a real copy of La:Sadie’s objexxx
way too expensive for me, tho


Last time I was considering buying it, it was only ¥20,000 yen :frowning:

That seller, qld96, is notorious for selling fakes of old demo tapes. Sometimes they’ll dump live recordings onto cassettes too.

Sometimes they list a tape for sale at 30,000yen or more. I’ve read before that the person will buy an original to bootleg and try to off-load it again. So while it might be attempting to buy something really rare from them that might seem real, I would still avoid buying these as well.

I don’t see how the seller only has 5 negative ratings with close to 300 positive.

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Huh, this is helpful info, thank you! I had no idea. That seller rating definitely made it seem legit.