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seems to be a real copy of La:Sadie’s objexxx
way too expensive for me, tho


Last time I was considering buying it, it was only ¥20,000 yen :frowning:

That seller, qld96, is notorious for selling fakes of old demo tapes. Sometimes they’ll dump live recordings onto cassettes too.

Sometimes they list a tape for sale at 30,000yen or more. I’ve read before that the person will buy an original to bootleg and try to off-load it again. So while it might be tempting to buy something really rare from them that might be real, I would still avoid buying these as well.

And I don’t see how the seller only has 5 negative ratings with close to 300 positive.

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Huh, this is helpful info, thank you! I had no idea. That seller rating definitely made it seem legit.

Here in Germany someone is selling a huge D=Out collection, Since I know nothing about them I dont know if there is smth rare with it.
You dont have to buy everything.
She also has Chekis/other Merch .
Maybe interesting for smne lol.

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Is this sought after enough that multiple people would be willing to go in on it? It’d be a tad over $200 after fees and shipping. :sweat_smile:

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I have a request rather than something to share.

As a lot of people on here know, one of the main goals I’ve pursued in my VK fandom is archiving everything Cali Gari. When I first started listening to the band that wasn’t my goal, but with how far I’ve come I figure I may as well.

Buying FC and live-exclusive releases a little bit at a time has filled out the catalog nicely, but the cassettes are - in addition to being the most valuable piece of this puzzle - nearly-impossoble to find. So! I just wanted to ask folks on here to send me listings for them if they happen to comes across them. I look for them every day on a few sites, but I’ve learned from experience that someone else can luck into finding a grail release when you aren’t looking.

The specific releases I’m looking for are:
第2実験室 (1st press with the bonus track - I own the 2nd press cassette w/o Ningen Panpu)

Some websites claim that these releases were re-pressed on limited CDs around the time of their release, but I’ve never seen proof of this. I would obviously accept this format, I just don’t think they actually exist. Preserving these in better quality is important to me and, I think, to VK as a whole. I don’t think most Cali collectors care about preserving and spreading old demo recordings, so I’d like to ask my fellow auction watchers to send them my way if they happen upon them :purple_heart:


A collector’s dream… holy shit :drooling_face:

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Someone is also selling the download card if you don’t want the physical? I assume it’s the single on there.

Are just photos!

For any Berry/Hazuki fans there’s a rare promo version of Hakuchi up for auction


Also Blood Pool/Shower Room Cinema. The foldout/pamplet seems to be missing though


oh… interesting :eyes:

Someone buy this damned thing.
Cheapest you’ll find it. KAMIJO’s is still over $100.

What’s the deal with the different versions?

Original is every singer, individual versions are individual singers ie Seth, KAMIJO, Asagi, etc.

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uhhhh miracle-level Bald Shuuji rarez are up for absurd prices right now. I’ve dropped too much on J-music stuff recently to consider these, and I’m not even sure I ever would at this price. Maybe it’ll come down a bit, but I’ve never seen these for sale.

They aren’t his first demo tape, I would have died & not been able to post this if I saw that

Edit: bonus, here are some Cali cassettes up for grabs. If I didn’t have too much sitting in Buyee’s warehouse I might consider grabbing them for doubles. Dai 1 and Outo/Oyasumi Nasai single.

I know at one time a lot of people were looking for Mediena’s “Gothic Cult” CD (limited to 300). Looks like it currently sells for around 15,000 yen or so on Mercari. Here’s one on Ebay for $69 USD which looks like a good deal: