Band interactions on Social Media

I actually like L and was a huge fan of THE 3RD BIRTHDAY and Balalaika, I just don’t feel the need to follow him because I follow the MEME twitter …

Has anyone else been getting random interactions on social media from bandomen recently? over the past 2 weeks 2 bandomen have been religiously viewing all my instagram stories and I’m wondering if its happening to anyone else, maybe bandomen are doing that these days to keep fans lol

They are basically just normal ass users as we all are.
Some might do it out of curiosity, some are hoping you will go and check their band out like that.

true, i dont even follow one of them so i dunno where they found my dead ass profile anyways

Went through someone else’s following list
Or your account got recommended

dedication to be doing it for a few weeks, maybe its the work of some sort of bot, although idk how that would work lol

Yepp works, although I kinda doubt bandmembers do actually rely on them :thinking:

So just account it as two curious guys

i wonder how it works, does it view ur story automatically when you post it or what, ww probably

No idea and I never tried it either so :person_shrugging:

I had one of my honmei like that too for a while…
Quite weird as my fave bands wasn’t that popular at all at that time (2021-ish)