Band Suggestions

Either I’m blind, or there’s no thread to ask for suggestions for bands? I’ve just started listening to Elysion, and I’d like to see if there’s anything else like this in VK, it feels a lot like Galneryus mixed with VK. If I’m just over-looking it, please feel free to delete this thread and or move this post to the appropriate place.


Who are some kote kei bands like Labaiser, Mizeria and Crucifixion? Preferably formed in the 2010’s.

Gauzes are kote kei and formed in 2010, otherwise… not sure :thinking: :woman_shrugging:

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Marvelous Cruelty, Luvielle, Jaki, UNDER FALL JUSTICE and En’Cell♰Dis’Dein come to mind. Wakuraba are a mix of Kote and other stuff. Same with Hitchcock, who are more modern in sound, but they did kinda rip off a Rouage song on one of their recent singles, lol.

Sadly there aren’t that many pure Kote kei bands around these days. But you will find the occasional Neo VK act with a bit of a throwback sound here an there.

I also feel if you like more of the oldschool melodic and symphonic stuff a la Moi dix Mois or Megaromania, then Neth Priere Cain, David, R.I.P. and The Reveude could be your thing. There’s far more of that kinda stuff out there.