Bandmen as animals

So this was a game I used to play when I was younger – basically I would assign some stranger an animal based on my general impression of them (whether that be appearance or clothing or body language, etc.). idk i was a bored kid.
So uh yeah this boredom hit again and I decided to play this game with vk dudes cuz why not. I initially made a list during a period when my wifi was out for a number of weeks, then recently I picked out images to see how they would size up.
Because I’m really slow, I’ll post a new set of ‘match ups’ every few days or so until I run out of ideas.
Feel free to play along too if you want!

I’ll start with kizu:

Lime → Black-throated sparrow

Yue → Shoebill stork

Reiki → Leafhopper (that boi can jump)

Kyonosuke → Salamander


second round, we got dezert:

Chiaki → Guinea pig

Sacchan → Spotted tail quoll

Miyako → Butterfly

Sora → Otter


I decided it would be fun if I start with my first sip of vk sooo… The Gazette as animals!

Ruki is a peacock becouse he changes his hair like he changes his clothes… (this doesn’t make ANY sense ( ̄▽ ̄’’) )

Every time when Reita opens his mouth he looks like a duck.


He just looks like a crow.

I don’t know why, but these snakes are really cool… so Uruha is cool like a snake🐍


The mop is not an animal but dreadlock Ruki reminds me about mops…


here’s some more ~.~


Ryoga → Piraña

IZA → Earthworm

Tsurugi → Ferret

Kouryuu → Lynx

Nikky → Panda


I read this thread title as “Bandmen as urinals”, now I’m disappointed.



Keisuke → Mosquito

Daiki → Elephant

Ray → Grey fox

Aisaku → Goldfish

Kanta → Fruit bat


The crow’s face for aoi :joy::joy:
I’m lucky that I’m not the only one who saw Ruki’s hair as a mop too :sob::skull:

Ohmygod originally i was gonna say that Aisaku should be a Chinese Crested dog bc gangly but nice hair yet vaguely cursed vibes but holy shit he really is a goldish…no thoughts head empty only fish lips :lips:

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jig of the saw:

Bukimi → Microfrog

Ema → Tarentaise cow

Maru → Crested pigeon

Shiki → Barn owl

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