Be a writer for

Hello everyone, as most of you knows I run a website called However lately I’m thinking of how to make that site a bit more interesting.

Right now I do focus on interviews, however I feel like I need to expand the site more… this not by sharing news, no with other kind of interesting writings such as reviews, more exclusive band profiles and just information which you cannot find easily around.

However, I cannot do this all by myself, I need your help. This can be done just once or you can start share your writings a more frequently.

The genre is not limited however only limited to bands and artists from Japan. Also your writings about anything other related to Japanese music (such as restaurants, bars, live halls, theater, anime) is also welcome. However it should be made from Japan.
(However try to keep in mind to not steal any “photos and pictures or even text” without permission, because on some photos/text aren’t open to use for everyone)

I just wish to share more interest content which might could interest people as well.

And of course any interesting writing you wrote, I’ll hope you also will share it here on jrockone. :smiling_face:

Just comment and DM me if you are interested to share your writings.


I’m still looking for more people willing to help out writing for jrocknroll :smiling_face: