Being online - how do you prefer to do

How do you prefer being online?
By PC/laptop or rather by mobile versions like smartphone/tablet?

I mainly use my desktop PC. Aside from more space for saving and collecting stuff throughout the years I have two monitors attached to it and no mobile device can compete with this. I love to open stuff to read through it later at Twitter which I can’t from the Twitter app on my smartphone. I love how I can easily use five different dictionaries and other stuff when reading Japanese from the PC. I love to have tons of tabs opened that I use every day and still don’t lose track of anything because there’s a lot of overview by two monitors and much more space than any mobile display. And I can type a lot faster and without that many mistakes from a physical keyboard than from the tiny touch keyboards on mobile devices.


Either a PC with one monitor or a laptop is good for me. Having dictionaries ready to open is a must for language learners. It’s so handy that you can understand the meaning of a word instantly. Lately, I use only the Google Translate extension on the browser. Although it a bit delays, it’s good enough for me to use on a daily basis.

Typing on a virtual keyboard on mobile devices is so difficult indeed. Fortunately, you can just swipe on the screen to form words instead of typing each letter one by one nowadays. :sunglasses:

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Since I work from home, i’m mainly on my laptop. But when i’m not I use my phone.


Mainly on my laptop, but using phone when not home :slight_smile:

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I prefer my desktop PC, it is more comfortable to surf the web. But for social applications like instagram or facebook I mainly use my phone.

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Laptop sounds good to me. Much stronger, faster and capable of sooo much more. But then there is android phones…hummm. :shushing_face:

90% laptop or desktop, 10% smartphone, is always for me. heck, I even only enjoy music on my PC. literally my phone is for paying all the time since 2014 around lol

Actually, I’m mostly on phone, but for work related stuff, I always have an extra tab open for forums and such to check things out hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t had internet connection on my laptop for years. So i mainly used my phone.
But nowadays, i have connection over my laptop and i like to use it if i write a lot.
I learned to write blind and with 10 fingers on a keyboard, so it easier for me to write like over laptop keyboard than on my phone. Also i appreciate the bigger screen sometimes.

PC always. Mobile is crap; the whole experience is dumbed down. Not a fan. Buttons are nice.


nearly identical said by console gamers tbh

I almost exclusively use my phone but that’s going to change when I get a laptop I can bring with me tbh.

My phone is an ancient relic that can barely load Youtube without crashing so I’m always using my laptop! Though I have a tablet, I rarely use it for anything outside of Spotify and Instagram on the go.

Same as @Guyokai here.

mostly my phone. it’s really convenient bc it’s always on and always with me.

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