Best Live Gazette DVD/Bluray

Good Evening fellow Gazettians, I have a question to post to you all. I have been listening to the Gazette for some years, although I really like them I’ve never reached a “must buy everything of this band” level. (Though that said I do have all the core releases and exclusive singles…) The DVDs/Blurays I have of them are Nameless Liberty Six Guns, Dogmatic Final because those two are generally my favourite albums by them being played in full. And I also have the Dark Horror Show spooky box 2 as the aesthetic on both shows was killer. So what I want to ask you guys as I’ve been interested in checking out more, what are your opinion on the best/personal favourite Gazette live dvd/blurays?? And what makes them stand out for you? Think like if you had to select just one live show any Gazette fan should have, which would it be?



My favorite is MELT because the stage falling apart looks cool, but it’s kinda sad that the image quality of their DVD’s is reallllly bad

My favorite live of the GazettE is definitely the Dogmatic final. But since you mentioned seeing it already I would recommend the Dim scene final. Dim is my favorite album, but besides that I think that live has a cool vibe. In that same vein there is the Pulse Wriggling to Dim Scene live. This was filmed during a concert where they mainly played both the Stacked Rubbish and Dim songs. Also the 10th Anniversary the Decade live is really cool. They mostly played their older songs, and hearing those songs played with the skill they have now is a very cool experience!


I wish they put the 15th anniversary as it’s own and not part of the ninth limited edition. It’s on YouTube now, but 15th is fun to watch for the same reason the decade is as they play some of their much older songs.


the 15th anniversary is my favorite! I’m mostly partial to their back catalog, and its amazing to hear them play it with such mastery of their instruments all these years later.

DIM SCENE is cool too

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