Bloom is becoming a label and business

According to Saki the owner of Bloom records it’s becoming duo sided one being label and the other being business
Ran will go under Vex company
Jigsaw will go under Nobel records
Libravel and GrimAqua will go under Bloom records

while the other side will have multiple business

everything will remain the same just the bands will be under new labels but still signed to Bloom


I thought it was a 1 april joke, but guess gonna be real.

It was very confusing to read waking up this morning I was like “ok, so now Ran is under Vex and Vex is under bloom…Saki why your making this more confusing then it needs to be”

I guess its becaue of Tax reasons :rofl:

:rofl: not enough profit had to make a new label that way double label taxes

Maybe double taxes is still cheaper in some way.