Brand new IDOL GROUP LOVE IZ DOLL to play at Zepp Tokyo this July!

Shocking! LOVE IZ DOLL, whose members are all new to the world of idols, announced at their debut live show that they will be holding a solo show at Zepp Tokyo in 4 months! Are they serious?!​

LOVE IZ DOLL was born with the concept of “life-sized dress-up dolls.” On March 7 (Sun), they held their debut live at Akabane ReNY Alpha, as the last act of the day.

They opened the show with their song “BE LOST” to gently open the door of everyone’s heart. The five members sang with sad voices as if they were spilling out the pain of love they carried within their hearts. The very first thing LOVE IZ DOLL showed to us was a lost and confused shape trying to get out of the maze of the heart. The painful and bitter heart of a maiden in love which goes through the feverish voices of five people is not just seen as something sad. It is also seen as a “strong will” to change the situation from here.

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Well I guess these girls are lucky they have that kind of management because there’s no way they’ll be playing a Zepp oneman by merit in a couple of months. They’re extremely mediocre, it’s not like they’ll suddenly become popular.

It actually kind of annoys me when I think of bands like コドモドラゴン who had to work super hard for over 5 years to achieve that stage or bands that are still working for it like AIOLIN.

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Can’t wait to see the live house at least half empty

Yeah they surely should have a mega management behind them. but even then they can fail hard.

Hope the girls can receive enough fans to fill the hall.
However remember might even in July there are still COVID-19 rules. then maybe a full ZEPP TOKYO isn’t even allowed.

But I think the hall will be half full.

Also it’s not that big hall only about
2,709 (general admission)
1,200 (reserved)

So not that big.

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“life-sized dress-up dolls” as a concept sounds super yuck, but hey. good look to them.


haha… well it’s not an unique concept.

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You’re completely misunderstanding me. They only got the Zepp live because of their management, that’s were they’re lucky because the average group in their industry will never play that stage. It won’t be sold though, the act of booking Zepp this early shows that the management’s business sense is lacking.

Also Zepp Tokyo at half capacity is just a little bigger than East at full and many phenomenal bands have struggled for YEARS before getting to play a sold crowd at East. The only people who actually think Zepp “isn’t that big” are mainstream artists with inflated egos and their fans who don’t have a concept of how hard indies artists work to assemble even a couple hundred fans. Plus Zepp’s size isn’t just about capacity, since basically anyone in the live music world of Japan knows Zepp, being able to play Zepp Tokyo has a certain prestige. A group that isn’t even close to that level shouldn’t play Zepp, especially when they’re not going to come close to selling it, even with COVID restrictions.

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No… it’s smart management, I also think that they have good connections to Zepp Tokyo. Also… they are hiding who they are lol. so maybe a very known well management.

Of course it’s just for the name “we have been played at Zepp Tokyo”. And who knows they gonna add some “super band” behind the girls to gain more visitors? (Just like Cherry Girls Project does).

They have something in mind to make this work, details about the event aren’t given yet, so I guess the girls won’t be “alone” on the stage, but surely with a backing band which members are famous enough to fill Zepp Tokyo.

Also to announce the impossible like this, makes people checking them out and support it somehow.
at least it makes you curious right?