BUCK-TICK: vocalist Atsushi Sakurai has passed away

idk i still can’t process this, but i have a strong feeling they won’t just disband

some ojisan vocalist unretiring and standing in, or a currently active vocalist stepping in to go on with them

maybe I’m wrong, but my denial is too strong now.


A beloved band and cultural institution that has changed so many lives and inspired so many bands will never truly go away, even if they do disband. I would love to see another Parade featuring a parade of guest vocalists and collaborators. It’s probably the most fitting tribute and there’s already a strong precedent for the sort of thing.


I just found out about it now. I’m shocked. I can’t believe he’s no longer with us. Big loss for the music scene. Not only for Japan but for the whole world in general.

I’ll keep their releases in my music discography forever.

When I first heard them it was their song ROMANESQUE and it was one of the first bands when I was starting to get into Visual-Kei.

Rest in peace, dear Atsushi


Sudden death, especially of a young and world loved person is never fair. Not that death of an old and world infamous person is, but you get used to know that person is always there for you. You like the music, the idea, even the vision and behavior of that person. You think, even if I don’t listen to them a few months, an year, there is always a next album, next life, I have my time.

This is the worst mistake you can make. As Chester from Linkin Park sang, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. And suddenly everybody loves you when you are dead.


The special “BUCK-TICK Genshou-2023-” live that will be held on 2023/12/29 at the Budokan will be later streamed/broadcast on WOWOW Live/WOWOW On Demand on 2024/02/24 (8 PM JST). Gearing up to this, they will also be broadcasting a variety of other previously released live performances from the band’s recent years (full list and details here).


The “BUCK-TICK Genshou-2023-” live is over. From fan reports, it seems like it was a usual year-end B-T gig, except for of course Atsushi not being there in person. His parts were played from previous audio+video footage (and when there was no accompanying video, a pillar of light shined from below center-stage). The band members were obviously emotional but they swore to continue and that B-T will always be five members.

They announced a live for 2024/12/29 at the Budokan, and also a new single and album (I’m wondering if some vocals were already recorded by Atsushi, because I do remember that they said in interviews that they originally planned the last album to be a double album).

Setlist taken from a fan’s Twitter:


New single and album ?!?! Wow

I really hope this doesnt end up being something creepy, with holograms or similars. Also, it feels like they need some time to grieve because it seems everething is going way too fast.

Songs like Memento Mori must have been hard to watch…


to be fair, in this particular and very especific case, I don’t really think it’s exploitative if they decide to do holograms or something like that. They’ve been working together for almost 40 years, they all clearly wanted to keep going for as long as possible and loved the band. If it’s the way to the other members keep carrying the flag, so be it

(But I would still enjoy guest singers)


They said they had kind of 20 songs in some stage of completion and IZORA was they picking what they thought worked best together for the first album after they decided to split the double. And they probably have some enormous vault of unreleased material


honestly good, as much as i love Sakurai & he’s quite literally irreplaceable, the band isn’t just him and i wouldn’t want the other four and their work to disappear.

posthumous releases are always gonna have some element of strangeness - while a label taking control seems the least okay to me - if anyone has a say in what unfinished music gets finished and how, i’d imagine the exact same four members of the band would be the best-case scenario.

pure speculation but given this didn’t come ENTIRELY out of sudden nowhere, i wouldn’t be surprised if how to continue was something Sakurai and the others discussed - so just from an overseas casual fan’s perspective, i think it’s okay to trust in this case they know best what they’re doing~


I completely trust them to do things lovingly, respectfully, and within wishes. Given who they are, how they are with each other, and what has happened, I think that’s the least I can do as a fan.


I think it’s good that they release unreleased material, from any era, collections of demos and things like that. Also cover albums “parade”. What I DON’T want is any of the “AI intelligence” that’s trending right now.


Holograms and AI should be a big fucking no.

The best option imo is to look for someone to take over as vocalist, or maybe even consider rotating vocalists every year or release “era”… That could be interesting. Hopefully fans can respect a new member if they go the permanent route because I think the other four shouldn’t have something they’ve poured their blood, sweat, and tears over for the past 40 years go away because of a passing.


If the members are content with the way they had this live, I see no reason why they wouldn’t continue for now, considering they seem determinated to do so. I can’t wait to watch the show in the end of February and learn new details about the upcoming album. Unreleased content being released sounds very interesting.


Reita’s passing brought back the shock of Atsushi’s and I just felt like writing this; I miss this guy, I really do.


Just found this out as I’m new to vkei, so sad… he will be remembered by many.