Cakes n' Ale

Hello everyone! I posted about this band earlier but was told it would fit more in the news section. :slight_smile:
I’m an American living in Osaka and currently playing with an all Japanese group. We are called “Cakes n’ Ale”. We just released our new music video and I’d love if this community checked it out. We play our first show on Sunday and from there will be playing all around the Kansai area. We are spending a lot of time and energy into recording monthly at the studio, filming for more music videos to come, and practicing weekly for our live shows. We aren’t trying to be “different” per say, but something that I’ve been told about our music is that it’s rock with pop elements rather than a pop band trying to play “rock” (if that makes any sense). Please let me know what you think! We play our first live show in Osaka on Sunday.
Music Video can be found here
Official Website (note that this was just made and I’m still in the process of adding and editing to it, however all of our stuff can be found there)

PS: Any critique of our sound, mixing, or even questions to me or the band is more than welcome! I really want to open conversation with Jrock lovers outside of Japan.


Why isnt this a anime opening?
… Ok, sorry thats a joke.
Cool song. :clap: :clap: :clap:
Its nice that you added english subtitles.

Good luck for sunday (do you actually say good luck? i dont know, sorry)

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Thank you so much for checking it out! I’m so excited for our show :slight_smile:


The song is really good! It stays interesting throughout the whole song because of minor changes within each repeating part. The production is great as well, because every instrument (vocals included) have their own place within the mix, and they all contribute something valuable. The dynamic range is also great. Best of luck with the live show! (I play in a band as well, as a bassist :))


Thank you for the input! And I hope your band does well too :slight_smile:


I’ve been digging the new song since you posted it.

Hope the show goes (went?) well!

I moved this into a different category so hopefully it gets more optics. The news section has a high turnover rate.


Thank you Zeus!

It went alright! First show but over all it went well and many people bought merch :heart_eyes:
Unfortunately the venue only recorded our audio, so we don’t have a professional video of the performance, however, someone watching actually recorded three or four songs on an Iphone and the quality isn’t bad at all. Really considering posting it on the youtube.


Hello everyone! My band just had our first concert and I thought I’d send a short clip of how it went down! Please feel free to check it out.


Hello all!
Website found here
I was really happy that my bands music video got a lot of positive feedback. Recently I made us a website so that we can more easily connect with other bands/record labels in Japan, however the site is also of course in english so that we can garner international fans as well.

Knowing that a lot of people here probably visit Jband websites often, I was wondering if anyone here could check out our site and let me know anything that would be good to add on to it, or maybe if something is off, or maybe there’s something you’d like to add to the members bios- I’d appreciate those comments as well. Of course the site is still new, so I’m looking to update it daily/weekly.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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