cali≠gari new album "15" release

cali≠gari will release their new full-length album titled “15” on 2021/10/20.
No further details available yet.

Also, I’d just like to grab this opportunity to inform everyone of the honkin’ huge livestream event they’ll be doing from tomorrow noon (Japan time). They’ll be showing old and new live footage and various other stuff like member interviews for 12 hours straight, all of this for free on Youtube. The only thing is, you’ll have to tune in while it’s happening cuz it won’t be archived on Youtube. Here’s the link:

The three main highlights are as follows (if I translated them correctly):
12:13PM~ footage of the band before their hiatus (so up to 2003)
04:40PM~ footage of the band after coming back from hiatus (so from 2009 onwards)
05:53PM~ footage of the band in ‘recent times’ (not sure what exactly)


Amazing news! :slight_smile: too bad I just woke up and I believe it’s reaching its end

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So it looks like I donked it a bit, and the pre-hiatus and post-hiatus parts were switched up in the schedule compared to what I wrote but oh well. :smiley: I didn’t watch all of it, but what I did see was pretty cool. Some kickass unreleased stuff in there as well, mainly from recent years (from fanclub gigs and such). The bulk of the stream was of course already released on DVDs but it was still fun to watch a wide selection of the band’s history.

What I didn’t know is that in the last hour they actually played a whole audienceless gig (not live on the spot but recorded in advance) in Ikebukuro CHOP so that was a nice surprise! Furthermore, on August 13 they’ll stream the full version of the live (with an extra 3 songs they didn’t show now) on Twitcasting, that time it won’t be free tho.

Setlist and info/URL:


I knew a new album would be coming soon! I can’t wait, I just know it’ll be great too!


Sweet! S’been way too long. Between MERRY and cali≠gari, 2021 won’t be all bad.


New band photo is up (and also some upcoming tour details)!



Is that a pirate hat or Shuuji’s hair?


Knowing him, it’s probably both! :rofl:


The release date of the album has been moved to 2021/11/24. It will contain 10 tracks and will come in 2 types: regular CD and limited CD+DVD (containing music video and some other footage).

There will be some sort of preorder thingie from 2021/10/20, but I can’t quite understand it, I’ll put the original text here if anyone can translate:

btw they will release this album through Victor Entertainment, so it will be a major-label release just like the “13” album (they released “14” independently).


This is what says another twitter post
It will distribuited in advance digitally before the physical release(???)


oooh that makes sense if true! Thanks! :slight_smile:

If so, won’t be much waiting, I’M SO HYPEDDD


Turns out, the digital release is an “early mix” of a song that will be on the album:

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It would have been too good to get an advance full album X’ But hey,let’s enjoy anyhowww

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It’s up on Youtube now as well!

The atmosphere reminds me of the 14 album, not bad but not great either. I really enjoyed Kenjiro’s bass solo and Ao’s backing vocals in the bit following it. Interesting arrangement for this type of song too.


Don’t know if this is new news but pre-orders are up on Japanese retailers now. I went for the deluxe edition even though the covers still haven’t been revealed & the DVD doesn’t sound like anything special :sweat_smile: basically I’m a chump but that’s okay, looking forward to hearing the new stuff!


A cali≠gari chump is the best kind of chump.

Love the sample !



The new batch of online streamed songs are dropping tomorrow:

So two tracks we already know from the single basically. Judging by the Apple Music samples they sound pretty much the same as the single versions so far.


I can definitely say that are new rec.compared to