cali≠gari new EP release in July

cali≠gari has announced that they will release a new EP in mid-July. No further details have been revealed at this point, other than they will also hold 4 live performances (two in Tokyo and two in Osaka) under the title “Cabaret cali≠gari” in the second half of July. The concept of the shows will be “adult cali≠gari” and the songs will be arranged as such (I’m guessing that means it might be jazzy? they did stuff like that before).



okay sakurai-sama you can just hold onto my credit card info, probably.

Also if it sounds like this, I’m going to be so jazzed:

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Love that artist photo seems taken behind the scenes


For “Cabaret cali≠gari” shows, there are special seats whereby you can choose which member to be near to and focus your gaze for 15k yen (as opposed to 6500yen for normal tickets which are further from the stage and shows them you are not a TRUE fan!).

Got a feeling these EP songs will never surface on a DVD, just like “ある職業病への見解と、それに伴う不条理な事象とか” earlier.

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Very excited. They keep on giving! Although I would love if they could work a little more on Hector and xa-vat

XA-VAT is dependent on Közi and he’s busy touring the country with seek and aie.

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