Chaotic Harmony new omnibus album, "Chaos Collection" release

US-based visual kei imports service, Chaotic Harmony, which specializes in bringing bands overseas to anime conventions, will put out their very first omnibus album - probably a first for any American company like this one (!!!) - scheduled for release in mid-December.

The omnibus, titled “Chaos Collection” will contain 13 tracks, 2 of which are re-recorded, and 1 other will be remixed. It will also have 2 editions, a regular edition and a limited edition which will feature a 28 page photobook (artist photos and bonus content).

To help fund the album, the company has started a crowdfunding campaign for a flexible goal of $5000 USD. Certain bands have also agreed to participate in certain perks, such as providing “backstage passes” (subbed comment videos), and private Zoom meet and greets with either member of Flutter Echo or Initial’L. Chaotic Harmony will also release more information on the album once certain goals are reached. You can read more about these details on the crowdfund page.

Featured bands/songs (tracklist is not yet finalized)
heidi. - Ichibetsu (一瞥) (Chaos Collection Mix)
D=OUT - Kigan (鬼願)
DaizyStripper - Hanareta Toki ni Ai ha (離れた時に愛は)
Initial’L - THE ONE (new recording)
ZON - Shock!!
ANONYMOUS - Paradise Lost (new recording)
The Sound Bee HD - Reborn
The Thirteen - Bites the Black
Flutter Echo - I am your sunlight
The Gallo - Kyokutou kaizokudan -kamui- (極東海賊團-神威-)
Leetspeak Monsters - Gothic


This is amazing news!! :slight_smile:

Awesome! Great initiative. Will support.