CHIC BOY Dr.秋元あんこ(Akimoto Anko) has depart

CHIC BOY Dr.秋元あんこ (Akimoto Anko) has left the band on 2020/12/18.

current members:
vo.がく(Gaku) -green-
gt.ジュノン(Junon) -blue-
gt.涼我(Ryoga) -yellow-
ba.レイラ(Reira) -red-

It’s like every week someone leaves this fucking band.

And thank goodness for color coding, cuz they all look like clones.


I’m far beyond the point of being surprised when someone leaves that band. They’re probably going to have another member change in a month or two.

CHIC BOY should change their name to TRAGIC BOY

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