CHOKE new look

CHOKE just posted their new look for the 5th Anniversary.

CHOKE 5th Anniversary

Chapter.01 2022.08.20 "BEEF"at ANTIKNOCK
Chapter.02 2022.10.xx
Chapter.03 2022.11.xx
Chapter.04 2022.12.xx


Hopefully a new Album soon :pray::pray::heart:


Are they taking the DIMLIM route? Where’s the visual part at

I was just thinking that does look like a very casual look. Haha. But as long as they keep making good tunes im not bothered. Hopefully theres a new album soon, previous 2 were wicked so no doubt a new one would be just as good. Though the singles theyve put out since Choke2 didnt grab me like their older stuff but lets see, i remain optimistic!

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