coldrain new digital single "PARADISE (Kill The Silence)" release

coldrain new digital single “PARADISE (Kill The Silence)” will be released at 2021/09/17.

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Oh yeah! Finally! I can’t wait! Here hoping a new album will follow as well! :smiley:

Link to purchase and stream.

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Here you can watch Coldrain TV, they are some songs they played back in october, the first part is actually what you had to pay back then, they all do activities and it’s fun to watch haha, and the second part is new where they go bowling, and the end of the video, you can hear PARADISE(Kill The Silence) live!

I’m mostly listening to the PARADISE(Kill The Silence) since yesterday, and wow, I really dig it. I actually went and buy the whole single, even if the other 5 tracks are singer less, guitarist less, etc. Imo, the new album will sound great if they’re going that way for their new songs :slight_smile: