Cops investigate Kaito Shounen Vo. Masato's apartment

/cries in Hong Kong

i didnt realize who this masato guy was until i saw the twitter posts.

but i agree, he just needs to remind everyone he exists. like the time he tried faking that ruki blocked him on twitter LMAOO

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there are also west artist who are doing this… :innocent:

“like the time he tried faking that ruki blocked him on twitter LMAOO”

That’s also something you cannot proof truly.
It’s easy to unblock someone and to say “I’ve never blocked him” :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes:

how the fuck would Ruki even know who this dude is???

miss Tomomi faxed him a copy of the cyst & desist order with “lawyer on call. pls unblock frontmans twitter” note in the post scriptum I guess?

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Well… they have sent them a copyright claim…

Also they were/are pretty popular… so surely they have been noticed.

that’s very true, but aoi is the blocker in the group. i dont think ruki gives a shit to ever block anyone lmao

ah… i miss old aoi twitter when he was blocking people left and right LOL


ah AOI the grumpy old bitch of the band lol

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I didn’t know this lol

What happened?

Wasn’t it when Aoi said bad things about Vocaloid, like he said it was crap, and he had trouble with twitter because many Vocaloid fans was angry about him ? It was in 2012 i guess.

Masato trolling Ruki was so funny to me lol sorry