Crossfaith new single "Slave of Chaos" release

Crossfaith has just released a new single called “Slave of Chaos” today, on 2021/09/02.

You can listen to it on here:

…and other digital platforms.

edit: Well, it sure is uhhh something. I don’t really like what it is tho, lol.


It’s not bad but it’s not the best either. At some points it reminded me of something Paledusk would do except it didn’t work out that great here.

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Yes!! That was the same vibe I got too, haha.

I didn’t feel any particular good/bad way about their singles this year, so I just hope they’ll get into shape again for their next big release, whenever it may be.

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To be honest, this is a really decent song. Not their best, but I ain’t disappointed.
It’ll grow on me with each listen.

I’d definetly expect a new album either this year or early 2022 and if there’ll be, I’m crossing fingers it’ll include a song like “Wildfire” or “Make a Move”.