CROW-SIS "new" album release

Nagoya kei band CROW-SIS, active between 1993-1996, will release an album of old songs that they either only played live back in the day or just released on very limited demo tapes towards the end of their activity. The material will be released on digital platforms in Winter 2021, and on CD in 2022.

The cover art and the track order is not decided yet, but here you can already sample the songs:

I’m pretty speechless, good to see an old band releasing something like this. It even sounds quite nice so far! Curious to find out more details in the future and eventually hear the whole thing. :slight_smile:


If there’s one good thing that this pandemic has brought us, it’s bringing back old bands from the grave.


Digital release date is set as 2021/12/24, and will be available here when the time comes:

A good Xmas present! :slight_smile: (shame about the lame cover art tho…)

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They made a music video a while back for one of the songs (that I didn’t catch at the time, oops).

Pretty nice tune! ♪

edit: Actually they made promo videos for all the tracks (some of them are short versions I guess), they can be accessed via their website!

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The album is now available on a wide variety of platforms!

…even on OTOTOY in FLAC. :star_struck:

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