Crystal Lake new single "Curse" release

Crystal Lake will release a new single called “Curse” on July 14.


  1. Curse
  2. Mephisto
  3. Apollo Re:CODED (*Japan exclusive)

I’m hyped. Watch Me Burn/Disobey was sooooo good so my expectations are high!
Ryo with long hair btw is anything I need right now :hot_face:


I’m confused as to who the other members are now. Shinya left back in February making them a two-piece band (I thought) with just YD and Ryo being official members.

It’s still the same it just seems (based on the picture here) they’ll have a new guitarist (support member like Gaku and Mitsuru). I haven’t seen any announcements that much else has changed.

I am ready for this single though. I’ve bought so much of the bands merch and vinyls during the pandemic. They were my last concert before the lockdowns in the US began.