D new maxi-single "REVENANT" release

D new maxi-single “REVENANT” will be released at 2023 spring


they will hold a oneman tour next year revisiting their previous singles, “Revive”, “Deadly Sin”, and “Uncrowned King”

I have a stupid question, what does maxi in “maxi single” even mean? Sorry… :crazy_face:

Usually more than 2 tracks and less than 5. A maxi single can also have as many tracks as an EP (Extended Play, which doesn’t really exist in Japan, they seem to name it as “mini album”)

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their new single “REVENANT” will be released at 2023/04/18 (2 types)

TYPE A (5500yen) will include CD (3 songs), DVD including “REVENANT ~黒夜現の章~” and “REVENANT ~白昼夢の章~” MV & making, booklet and will be in a special sleeve case

TYPE B (1650yen) will include CD (4 songs) only

[CD tracklist]

  1. REVENANT ~黒夜現の章~ (REVENANT ~Kokuyogen no Shou~)
  2. REVENANT ~白昼夢の章~ (REVENANT ~Hakuchuumu no Shou~)
  3. アインスの記述 (Ains no Kijutsu)
  4. Silent cry (Instrumental)

Wow nobody cares for them anymore?


they jumped the shark awhile ago. their material over the last 10 years or so literally sounds like they dumped all their past material into an AI song-generating app and released whatever it spit out. And their new single…a couple of the songs sound like a confusing mess, like several different songs all playing at the same time! It’s odd…it makes me wonder if they didn’t have faith in the basic core of the songs and are trying to hide them behind a big mess of a production. I do like the graphics and photos on the advert though. I like that they’re not going for some hokey ‘themed’ costumes this time, like pirates or knights or elves or faeries or the crew of a derigible etc etc LOL


I agree with all this…… and ‘crew of a dirigible’ made me laugh out loud

LOL, and I didn’t even make that up! That was their theme for one of their singles, and the video had them flying around in some kind of fantastical zeppelin, with Asagi as the captain.

btw - the CD/DVD version of their new single is 5,500y??!