DAVID 6-month consecutive singles release

Good single and available to everyone <3

Harness contain 2 types and will be released at 05/29 is already to pre-order

Type A

01 Harness
02 Contract
03 Harness (Instrumental)
04 Contract (Instrumental)

Type B

01 Harness
02 Apolutrosis (Re-recording / Re-mastering)
03 Gothculture -序章- (LIVE at 2024.1.24 EDGE Ikebukuro)
04 Prophecy (LIVE at 2024.1.24 EDGE Ikebukuro)
05 Gothculture -Decadent Art- (LIVE at 2024.1.24 EDGE Ikebukuro)
06 Moira (LIVE at 2024.1.24 EDGE Ikebukuro)

Also on CDJapan

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Sui was like: OK let’s start with digital dist. like everyone do BUT if u want bside u need to purchase physical one :wink::wink::wink::wink:

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So then…. Is Harness with a B-Side the second month of the six month campaign? Like?


It might every single six month campaign will have a physical bside (???)

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Sui has us eating good with all these releases :heart: I just need him to slow down a little bit because my poor wallet is slowly dying :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Not TWO editions, SUI we’re dying (and we’re not safe from a super deluxe expensive Wizard Store limited edition :melting_face: )

Okay Sui :stuck_out_tongue:

There are few left. You will also receive a DVD containing your precious performance at Enishi. Overseas visitors are also welcome to use it. https://t.co/viHF78s1Hq

— DAVID Information (@_david_info) April 27, 2024

Send us money so we can afford it Sui


Here are the covers!

Now available to preorder on the Wizard Store (with a checki and bonus CDr if you purchase both)


Only David can do too much with digital singles that should just stay digital singles tbh

I’m just glad he’s doing digital releases this time. Wish he would upload the lyrics too, though…

B-side will not be available digital :smiling_face_with_tear: