David x MEME collab CD, "相反する刃" release

David x MEME collab CD, “相反する刃” will be released at their two-man live on 8/17 at Imaike Club 3Star and on 8/24 at Otsuka Hearts Next.


What a bizarre collab.

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Bizarre indeed lol, is it like the usual “cross-cover” format ??

I saw this in my feed i as well thought this was strange. Im surprised that the gazette and meme didnt do a collab.

That I would love to see!

1.TWILIGHT (Sui cover)
2.Stigmata (L cover)


idk why but i am here for it

Actually quite interesting and it sounds so different when it’s sung by someone else xD

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full tracklist has been revealed and it costs a whopping 3000 yen! first two tracks are the original songs, not covers

[ACTUAL tracklist]
1.Story Teller (David)
2.呪 (ju) (MEME)
3.Twilight (MEME cover by SUI)
4.Stigmata (David cover by L)

The single is available on both band’s webshops and David’s shop includes a secret privilege that “can be enjoyed when received”.

The Gazette would never reduce themselves like that.

You never know with ruki being a fan and all

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