deadman best album of rerecordings and new music to be released

deadman has just announced that they will release a best-of compilation in December 2021 (no exact date given yet). The tracks will be completely re-recorded, and what’s more: there will be one new song as well!

The lineup for this release will be the same as when they went on hiatus in 2006, so Kazuya (bass) and Toki (drums) will take part in the recordings. I can’t wait!! :slight_smile:

They also announced a short tour for the beginning of 2022 (with the usual support members):

deadman 2022 tour 「毒と薬と炉の鼠」
2022/1/22(土) 名古屋 CLUB QUATTRO
2022/2/6(日) 渋谷 CLUB QUATTRO
2022/2/11(金/祝) 梅田 CLUB QUATTRO


Now this is news of the year for me!


Amazing news!! Glad they’re actually back!


Awesome news, can’t wait for the true revival of deadman.


fuck yeah

What timeline are we living in. I am okay with this. I’ve missed them so much.


definitely the best news in a while <3 can’t wait to check the rerecorded songs on there!

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2021 is saved


I’m sure all of us who didn’t get the cali DVD they came out with would kill for a new live recording of these guys. That’d be great to have next, maybe next year.

Their livestreamed 2-man with lynch. can still be purchased and watched from the archive till end-of-day September 22nd, for those craving for some current deadman action (there’s even a cover session at the end with both bands). :slight_smile:

Tix can be bought here~


They’re actually starting with new song one year ago and recently feat. cali≠gari,are absolutely amazing
Really can’t wait for new material!

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Oh, finally! Can’t wait

Best news of the past 5 years.

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Also, this live was PHENOMENAL. Shame there was no method to record it.

My will to live has been renewed. My wildest dreams have become reality. Praise God and praise deadman!


I‘ve uploaded their 蟻塚 performance from the live, enjoy.


god I love that song

thank you!!

This is absolutely amazing, thank you :pray:

thank you so much!!! :bowing_man::bowing_man::bowing_man:

do you know what was the cover session setlist?