deadman best album of rerecordings and new music to be released

They played Melt by lynch., and lunchbox by deadman (participants for both were Mako and aie + all lynch. members).


This was hand-down the best song in the entire live. The whole live was incredible. Absolutely phenomenal performance and expertly filmed.

mako is such a great performer


Damn, Mako sings like he ignored the fact that they’ve been on haitus for 10+ years. He sounds great.


For real, his voice sounds like it was ripped straight from 2003.


My crops are watered, my skin is clear, etc. No, seriously, the dream is coming true and I can’t believe it. I missed them so much.

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Ill probably buy this album when it comes out and give them a shot. Never heard them before mostly cuase im picky when it comes to 2000’s artists. Everyone talks very positively of this band. Its nice to see some old bands being revived

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