DELACROIX to announce something

DELACROIX’s vocal mitsuki just mentioned on Twitter on 05.17 that there should be an announcement soon.
No more information for now.
The band had disbanded in November 2014 so let’s hope for something more than a one-day revival (I don’t put high hopes into this just in case).


OMG Yes. Please be a full return or a new band or something.

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Hoping for at least a new single

funnily enough I just listened to a few of their songs the other day and hoping at least mitsuki would return and now look at this. I hope I am not getting too excited

These things always seem to happen just as one is randomly listening to such a band again xD

So excited for what this is though !!

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I’ve been listening to them heavy again since early 2020, my hype thrusters are revving up…

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DELACROIX are reforming!

New MV spot will be released at 2021/7/25.


This makes me soooo happy

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OH YEAAAAA… Please dont llll-Ligro- us. Cause holy shit what, these guys came back from the ashes


yyyyyeeeeeeeaaahh !

Finally a good news from them!! Yes!!


I cant wait to see how much mitsuki’s voice evolved during disbandment. This is prob the best vk news of 2021. Cant wait.


They put up a new PV spot.
It’s a retaken version of 情婦とICE (joufu to ICE).
On 08.08 they’ll release the full PV and they’ll be a new single named OBSESSED for which no further information had been announced yet.


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :sob:

They have re-uploaded their first PV to the new official account.
(I guess they don’t find the password after 8 years.)


The pv quality looks kinda…fresher?

Since it was so long ago that they last were a band I was worried maybe they might be rusty or something but at least based on the mv preview they sound even better than I expected can’t wait to hear more from them, just really hoping it doesn’t end up being like when llll-Ligro- came back…