DEVILOOF - Newspeak

DEVILOOF is a band I’ve only gotten into recently and I’ve gotta say, if you like your deathcore heavy and with a side of insanity then this is the band for you. They’ve been quiet since their 2019 release 「鬼」so this is a welcome return to form.

I’ve been putting this single on repeat for the last few days. It’s a short seven minute ride but a fun one for sure. Newspeak reminds me of a sequel to TORTURE and I fucking love it. It amazes me how Keisuke can go from low gutturals to high shrieks instantly and cleanly. This whole track is basically a demonstration of what he can do and it’s nuts boys. I would also be wrong to miss out on the Japanese interlude right before the filthy breakdown. Mob Rule is the longer song but it’s just as awesome. Those crunchy tremolo picked riffs, the way the song begins and ends the same way…there’s a lot to like here. You just don’t hear stuff like this every day.

Anyway, new album from them soon I hope? It’s shaping up to kick some serious ass.


I must say, since they went more this direction. (almost no clean voice) they doing better. Fit’s them great. Also since 「鬼」 I think they finally found their own great direction how they compose their songs too. songs doesn’t feel like a WTF mess anymore like the start.

My favorite release from them since purge, I love how they mix so many different styles yet still retain their sound as deviloof. I’ve loved all of their releases so far and this was still better than I was expecting it to be.