Dexcore line-up change is announced

Dexcore just announced a new line-up change for dexcore. Bassist 澄 -TO-RU- will be re-joining dexcore after their previous bassist left. Also that drummer MAKI will begin support for the band. Congratulations good for them glad to see them still kicking as a band I’d love to see some of their old sound come back :eyes:


he used to be a member until 2020 but now he’s back! good for them!


Yes I just realized that ty :relaxed:

Lol he’s very happy :grin:


Our son has grown up before our eyes. Welcome back.


Alas the new dvd is irrelevant now.

I’m not surprised seeing Toru back.

I’m curious if that rose on Kagami’s neck is a new tattoo or if it’s drawn. Either way, it suits him.

He got it over the tattoo that says
You can still see the hatred in the rose.

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That’s why I asked, the words aren’t integrated in my eyes.
But at least they’re still readable, not like this black mass on his right arm.

Toru was actually their roadie for a while, he was hanging around with Yumeto at Cazqui’s show in November so it’s not too surprising to see him coming back into the band. Now we just wait to see if Naoki will return too…

Kagami’s neck tattoo isn’t new, but he’s added to the one he always had.


Pretty surprised to see he’s only doing Meme support.

If I remember right Toru already jumped in for Kai last year. Maybe everyone knew for some time, that Kai would be leaving due to his condition, and prepared themselves for the future. Who knows.