DEXCORE new bassist -kai- & new song 「Red eye」

From their OHP:


この度、新ベーシストに 会-kai- を迎え、本日より新体制を始動致します。

Vocal. 架神 -kagami-
Guitar. 梦斗 -yumeto-
Bass. 会 -kai-
Drums. 伶司 -reizi- 

[Important notice to everyone who supports DEXCORE]

We are pleased to welcome a new bassist, -kai-, and start a new system from today.
We look forward to your continued support for DEXCORE, which will continue to push forward.

Vocal. Kagami-kagami-
Guitar. Yumeto-
Bass. Kai -kai-
Drums. Koji -reizi-

They also uploaded a new song on their youtube channel:


scene kings are back, essence cancelled :clap: :clap: :clap:


Ah, yes, glorious return of the GOATs.

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Kai is ex-Gozenreiji.


New guys are good, but something is missing in their music since Naoki has left imo.
It’s still great, but I’m no longer that excited about them releasing something new.:roll_eyes:


they def arrived to the typical VK state of finding their trademark sound, and recycling it until it gets completely uninteresting, but to me it already sorta happened a few singles back, and I still can stan this.


their digital single “Red eye” will be released at 2021/05/22

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I hope they release a cd soon

Glad the release of Red eye is finally here, I’m fed up of having to open YouTube every time I want to listen to it.

Also they played an unnamed new song at their 2-man with NAZARE. I’m expecting some kind of announcement at their one man in July.

Kind of feels like a cross between Without a Doubt, Collapse, and Dragout, I think it might be my favorite song by them actually.

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Am I wrong if I say that their sound is getting more and more ‘western-like’ release after release? I loved it nonetheless.

That breakdown, jesus christ


I like this song a lot more immediately than Red Eye but I think they could use to trim a little fat in their compositions. Not every song needs to be over 5 minutes long.

Nope very true, especially with the album which definitely sounded like that’s the plan lol. I guess it’s easy enough once we’ve accepted them as on the fringe of the visual style

I agree though this one is pretty excellent and that breakdown was monumental lol. Overall one of their better looking videos and wow is this actress really pretty D: . Oh the pulsating effect with the heartbeat at the end was cool too


I don’t really see how they sound more western, they’ve always sounded western, the only real difference I see now is much better production. Black pig was probably their most western sounding song to me at least. They have said that it’s their ambition to go global though so they definitely are trying to reach a western audience. Anyway this song seems like it will be another one of my favorites by them I still think Red Eye is my favorite song by them though. I hope that they continue at this pace and quality with their releases, they’re becoming one of my favorites.

Actually I think it would be interesting to hear an eastern sounding song by them now that I think about it.


dropping another surprise single like not a big deal while the essence alchemists have been busy cancelling on their comeback i see, i see…


that breakdown (2)

I’m very pleasantly surprised, glad that the song before that seems like an one-off setback for them and they’re releasing •really• good stuff again, and I actually stan their long tracks so it’s all very very amazing so far


the actress might be pretty but that guitarist is even prettier

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jesus christ Red eye is super meme-y… when will they stop with the overproducing crap, really

I remember discussion around their excessive use of drum machine during their early youtube release series, people thought maybe it was budget and all, now it’s clear they are doing on purpose, mix is super loud, the cutting board on the drums is SO tight and artificial I bet it kinda sounds disjointed live

Self Hatred is super cool tho, hope for more songs like it

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The guy from Hard core reacted to the song