DEXCORE new song "Still Alive" release

Collab with Prompts and accounting how those photos align, I’d say there are two more missing


Oh, that’s also cool.
Now I wonder about the other bands. Hm… need to search. XD

I tried, didn’t find anything
I could also be off with my suspicion

All my guesses also lead nowhere.
But luckily we don’t have to wonder for to long!

Defo. More Maki gets passed around from one band to another. Come on Dexcore don’t make this a "always a support drummer, never a member. " case :cry:

A tour perhaps?

It stayed with “just” DEXCORE and Prompts.
Their dobble twoman has some interesting conditions.

They have memorial tickets with different desings for both shows and you can exchange them into a limeted poster.
For people unser 20 years old, there’s a ticket discount of 1000 ¥ at the ticket counter.

Memorial tickets???

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I’m not eure About the correct translation. But it should be a fancy printed ticket containung a band picture you recieve at the entrance. You have to own both Tickets to recieve the poster at the second show.

The correct translation in this context is probably ‘commemorative’


That makes more sense. Haha.

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The single will be officially released on 2024/05/17.

It will be available on iTunes Store|Apple Music|Amazon| STORE|オリコンミュージックストア|Spotify|KKBOX|auスマートパスプレミアムミュージック|レコチョク|mora|Media Do|YouTube Music|e-onkyo music|LINE MUSIC|AWA|SMART USEN||OTOTOY|Rakuten Music|mysound|DEEZER|着信★うた♪by KONAMI|PlayNetwork|Tencent|NetEase|Joox|TIDAL|FLO|VIBE|Melon|TikTok Music|and others.