DEZERT new live DVD/Blu-ray "DEZERT SPECIAL LIVE 2020 "The Today"" release

DEZERT new live DVD/Blu-ray “DEZERT SPECIAL LIVE 2020 “The Today”” will be released at 2021/05/12 (4 types)

Limited Blu-ray edition (8800yen)
Limited DVD edition (7700yen)
Regular Blu-Ray edition (6600yen)
Regular DVD edition (5500yen)


  1. Your Song
  2. 「君の子宮を触る」
  3. Thirsty?
  4. ラプソディ・イン・マイ・ヘッド
  5. 蝶々
  6. Sister
  7. 「教育」
  8. 白痴
  9. 「遭難」
  10. Call of Rescue
  11. 「擬死」
  12. 「排泄物」
  13. 肋骨少女
  14. 感染少女
  15. 「秘密」
  16. 「変態」
  17. True Man
  18. 「遺書。」
  19. 「ピクトグラムさん」
  20. TODAY
  21. 「殺意」


I love u Chiaki, but he sounds so different live, and half the time he sounds as if he’s completely winded

He sounded like he couldn’t keep up with the angrier songs, but even with their new sound and virtually no screaming his voice is lacking power. :frowning:

Maybe he was tired/or had a light cold or smth else which affected His voice a Lil bit.

It’s not a recent thing though. Chiaki has always struggled to keep up live imo

Probably partially explaining the scarcity of live footage of them until quite recent. A fried of mine saw them live in the early days tho, and he said they were great so idk*

*but then again, when you’re there you don’t really pay attention to these things. When I saw ScReW live I thought Byou did a fantastic job, but meanwhile I’ve never actually heard a live recording of them that I could listen to. It happens.

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Anybody knows where can I buy DEZERT’s This Is The “FACT” TOUR 2018 FINAL dvd? The whole stuff was up on youtube but it got deleted and I find it nowhere

I don’t remember it being released on a DVD…