DIMLIM will disband + best album release

DIMLIM will disband after their last live at Shibuya WOMB on 2/25. Their upcoming full album has been changed to a best album, details coming soon.


:frowning: who’s next

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single sexy tear running down my naked cheek


You’re shitting me.

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f*ck :frowning:

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Damn. I wanted to hear what they come up next.
But something tells me Sho and Retsu will end up making another band together, to me they seemed to be pretty invested into the hole e s s e n c e thing


I also was curious on the next album, especially after they played Chedoara songs live months ago. I didn’t expect new songs to be like that, not after all they went for. I was just being very curious.

It’s not surprising to me, I still partly wished it would have turned out differently (while another part just doesn’t care by now anymore).
As much as trying out new ways to stand out is important they went for very strange ones. And I’m not even talking about their music because I still liked Misc. even though it can’t be compared to Chedoara at all (not just in style but regarding how much I like one and love the other).
Aside from this they mentioned the pandemic in the announcement so I guess they blame it on this. They aren’t the first band doing so and not knowing about anything else about them of course I won’t judge them (or other bands) whether this is just an excuse or just things turning harder than they already are/were. But I weren’t surprised that their constant changes combined with the hardships the pandemic caused made it more or less inevitable.
There have been enough jokes about them disbanding before anyway.

They are pretty young still so there’re a lot of possibilities for each of them. If any will turn out better or get close to what DIMLIM started like is something we’ll see, I guess.

Personally I really hope for Sho to be back because there’s a lot of potential for his voice and it were sad seeing that go.


Disbanding is such a VK thing to do

Maybe they disband to start anew without the baggage the name Dimlim has by now.
I mean, I don’t know about japanese fans, but for international fans they had become a walking meme.
Or maybe everyone will end up going their own way, who knows, the future will tell.


I’m surprised they’ve managed to drag it out for so long, they seem to have been fumbling and generally suffering as a band ever since they discovered their so-called 𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓮𝓷𝓬𝓮

Predicting the best album to be half (or more) of Misc. + 2-3 tracks of CHEDOARA + 1-2 tracks of the interim singles + 1 half-assed new song, to put the cherry on top of the disappointment they’ve become.


Misc was do do.

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To no one’s surprise.
Retsu is the ultimate fatalist. I’m surprised they even did the live video last winter with how the world seemed to basically be all but in favor of the essence.
As Rena said disbanding is just the ultimate band-aid in VK. They’ll probably form a modern djenty riff focused loud rock band and be associated with SLOTHREATH in some kind of form.


seriously: I don’t think I ever experienced in my time of active consumption of Visual Kei something as dissapointing like promising a new Full album and making out of it a best of album before disbanding.


So they had to release a single, which was canceled in favor of the album… Which is canceled in favor of the best album.


I can’t believe they announced this AFTER the disbanded bands trade-off SMH. That being said, it was about time… I enjoyed their post-Ryuya stuff but it’s clear that the magic was snuffed out as soon as he GTFO’d


I wondered what was taking the song so long then they changed it to an album so I thought I guess they just want to release it with a bunch of others but now it seems they couldn’t even write a song in all this time? Anyway they were already disbanded in my mind. Just to clarify I have nothing against MISC I actually liked it after getting over my disappointment in the style change, my issue was just with how they handled the whole thing.

Anyway sure would be nice of them to put watashi on the best album but I bet that won’t happen lol…


Is there anyway to listen to watashi online?
Or their whole discography?
I’ve only ever listened to Chedoara, Various, Misc and The silent song. Their major releases pretty much, so I’d like to listen to the rest

Sho will hopefully go back to vk, Lets will hopefully rot somewhere on a garbage heap along with his essence.


After all that, they really should have just disbanded after reaching their peak with CHEDOARA.


Iconic how their vocalist can’t even manage being in one band.
While his icon just started his third concurrent band.

Good riddance.


I pray that Sho uses this opportunity to liberate himself from the bullshit, and actually find him some stable folks to produce music with.

And go back to VK. That’s where his vocals will shine most.