It was just a fun idea, nothing more. Did they explicitly say they hate Dadaroma or VK? They only dislike being associated with it from what I know.
I agree with @Saishu that you don’t have to be VK to play Dadaroma or other VK related music. Music can exist separate from the visual.

huge 『last live』vibes from that picture, just saying!


Yeah but I see so many people wanting them to return to VK or a hard sound even outside of this forum and it’s like, they have bashed that shit and want nothing to do with it so IDK why people expect it of them. Yes, they did say that visual kei bands are not real musicians and that they don’t make real music, this was in an unfortunate interview. They’ve explicitely mocked Dadaroma because a lot of fans liked to compare them in the past and I remember it not sitting well with Their Majesties.

Actually the one who said it in the interview was Sho. I know people love to blame Let’s but Sho is not just a blind puppet along for the ride.

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I bet he wouldn’t say that to Kyo’s face

which is why Sho debuted in one?.. not only in a VK band, but in a VK band formed around ripping another VK band off to a T?

Well if they want to forget their roots so be it. I guess being compared too much to something will make you hate it. Like younger brother being compared to older brother. Being compared to Dadaroma should have been a flattery, in my opinion. I don’t really care as long as they keep making music.

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Being compared to a band far superior and far more successful than you is definitely a compliment and the fact that they freely trash anything and everything is the reason nobody wants to work with them but I don’t think their music is bad. I just don’t think they have any chance of making it due to their beliefs and attitude and work ethic or lack thereof. There is a reason they lost four members in 2 years and won’t even bother replacing them again (cause the same thing would just happen…).

Also who cancels a single release with the excuse that “nobody will understand it if we don’t first show it at our concert” just to instead say you’re going to release an album a year from now. It’s just taking the piss at this point and hey, they have a show now if you really have a single in the can release it then! But ya don’t do ya.


if they really wanted something comepletely new they should have just formed a new band tbh. conitnuing with this name dimlim its always gonna be in relation with the music they put out at the beginning of their career


This might also be a reason for them to keep it up tbh. Many people probably would not give a shit if they restarted with a new name but with Dimlim they already have a following. Most likely a annoyed one but still one that shares their stuff and gives them attention and promo with their “what are they doing?” tweets.


Oh. Is the MH Dimlim thread back? :open_mouth:

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Yeah. This thread is the proof of this, most of the posts here are people shitting on DIMLIM´s bad decision making yet we are still here, checking out whatever they announce next.

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Yeah, people check for Dimlim but not for new releases so much as new memes. Even on Twitter this time around, a lot of Japanese fans are literally posting “I don’t know if I should go to the Dimlim show or not” which is not something that was seen before. I mean, I check this thread exclusively for the lulz, I’m not going to their show or giving them a dime and a large part of their visible fanbase is the same, I think. I’m curious how many people will actually go to this show.

I lost it when I saw that the ONLY comment to their announcement was someone saying “THE ESSENCE”. Like it said everything. :clown_face:


I didn’t know that memeing a little bit in a thread was criminal, especially if that thread is dedicated to a band that spent all its energy memeing themselves. I deeply apologize, please don’t send me in meme jail!


I lost it when I saw that the ONLY comment to their announcement was someone saying “THE ESSENCE”.

That was me :sunglasses:


They did? wth its such a retarded statement that will only serve to either make the small percentage of your old fans hate you or make people who didnt even heard about your band but like VK dislike you before the first impression. Dont get me wrong, I totally get what they meant by this but there is always, in a WHOLE GENRE of music, some bands that such a general statement doesnt apply.
It really seems like the dude never got over his break up with his ex (VK) and now every chance he gets to slander them is accounted for.
If he at least said MOST before visual kei bands I would somewhat agree


literally no one heard about them outside VK associated fandoms.

it’s not even a Kaya/Shwarz Stein kind of situation where an artist is massively slept on in the VK community, but darkwave stans either already recognize one or other or will be open to trying them.

Lets has no one except Issei’s niche starlight faintly touching on him some five years ago.


I found the interview:

-そこに鳴る、Ailiph Doepa、ichika、K、L.O.V.E、Sailing Before The Windと、バラエティに富んだ布陣ですね。




Seems like Taishi cringed when Sho said all that shit.

Interviewer: So you’re going to share the stage with a lot of various acts, Ailiph Doepa、ichika、K、L.O.V.E、Sailing Before The Wind…

Sho: I probably shouldn’t say this but if people ask themselves why we aren’t doing taibans with stupid Visual Kei bands it’s because those bands aren’t doing music.

Taishi: You don’t have to go that far… /puts head in his hands

Sho: It’s just that from our standpoint, those bands can’t possibly be said to be making music. I think it’s fine to have these fun events where you only think about bringing in lots of fans and shrieking and saying “it was sooo fun right”. But you don’t need to do that while being in a band, making music. We aren’t like that, so we decided to invite people who are making music. Well, I didn’t invite anyone, the other members did, lol.

Honestly this shit is so cringe I can’t even. The level of pretension is palpable.


Lol, if it softens it at all, I don’t see where the translator is getting “stupid VK bands” from. I don’t see “stupid” in the Japanese. The rest is all him though. :joy:


I like how he just threw that straw man out there. “No one asked, but let me tell you why”