Dir en grey - 朧 (Oboro)

Gotta say, Dir en grey’s 32nd single “朧” (Oboro) sounds like something straight out of VULGAR era. Feels a little safe. Dir en grey definitely know how to craft their ballads. I initially liked the song when I heard the PV cut but now I can’t imagine the song without the violin and guitar solo. It spaces out the song in such a way that it absolves my complaint of the promotional version not being dynamic enough. Solos are rare enough for this band there’s no need to cut them in the music video. Wish the ending was a bit longer too; this song could go on for another 30 seconds and it wouldn’t be too long.

I said it elsewhere but I’ll repeat it again: The Domestic Fucker Family off their third album “鬼葬” (Kisou) is not a really good song. The remake had nowhere to go but up. This is generally how I like my Dir en grey remakes: similar enough to the original but with noticeable differences that improve the song. There’s even a short bass interlude that I really like! Easier to digest than CLEVER SLEAZOID remake that’s for sure.

谿壑の欲 … they chose a good live rendition of a good song from The Insulated World. I view live tracks like this as essentially a bonus. I’d even say it sounds fuller than the studio version even.

Overall, I’d classify this as a successful single and I’m cautiously looking forward to the next single and then eventual album.