I think Kamuy is perfect right where it is. Love the way it builds, and the chorus is huge.

Album’s only growing on me. The hype will wear out eventually, but it’s been so heavy in my rotation. Hibiki is definitely my favorite song.


Thats what im saying; it feels better to have 13 at the end to break up a lot of the slow churning goodness of Utsusu, and Hibiki.

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Oboro doesn’t belong on this album at all. At first I thought the odd placement of being sandwiched between Schadenfreude and Perfume was the problem, but it really just doesn’t fit anywhere else either. It feels like it’s two albums too late.

The boys need to work on their endings more. A lot of these songs just straight up get choked off out of nowhere and it bothers me.


After listening to it many times and letting it “grow”. I have to say that most songs lack any real impact. I don’t say its bad at all but like half of the songs almost feel like filler. The ballads that you all praise lack any real punch imo. You can tell that the production is excellent though.

For some reason its one of the first DeG albums I dont feel for going back to, while its of course alot better than TIW. Hm… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Even the production of Oboro doesn’t fit ( different mixing engineer seems like). But this guy who mixed Oboro would have done a better job with the rest of the album for the sound.

I actually realllly don’t like the drum mix of Oboro. The snare sample is wayyy too splatty without any weight or low midrange to give it any thump. And the live overheads are so incredibly bright, listening to it on my good playback systems is super fatiguing on the ears.

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I believe if they didn’t smash the mastering loudness like always, it would sounds less fatiguing…

That’s definitely part of it, but it’s definitely a tonal thing for me too.

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Neal Avron did the mixes for both the single and album versions of Oboro, and the mastering for both was done by Brian Gardner. Since it seems as though they didn’t rerecord the singles for the album like they usually do, it sounds like they just tried to make them fit sonically with the new stuff. Oboro suffered the most out of the two, and it sounds like they tried to make the drums sound less “sample-y” and it didn’t really work.

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Mouai ni Shosu is a really unique song
it caught my attention but i wish it was longer tho

Eddie is also, in spirit, a Kagerou/Daisuke worship track.

Kyo wasnt kidding when he said he was trying new shit.

I almost hate to say it, but I think Perfume of Sins is one of my least favorite songs on the album. Everything outside the black metal-esque section (which is kind of the chorus if you think about it), just seems so dull and aimless. Kyo’s low droning delivery doesn’t help either.


after listening to the whole album i was surprised it was chosen as the mv track because on my first few listens it felt like the most forgettable track. at this point ive listened to the album so much i love every song on it now lol

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hearing Perfume of Sins kinda had me worried about the album as a whole tbh

my fears were unfounded

I have written enough negative opinions about the album at this point.

But how is it for you guys now after the honeymoon phase is over? Still a solid album? :grinning:

The album is still solid but “better than TIW” (PHALARIS charted #5 on Oricon weekly , TIW did #6) does no favor to their post-MOO catalogue at all.

Still listening to it pretty frequently. Still enjoying it. I think right now I would place it…fourth? in my ranking of their albums. Hibiki and Schadenfreude are my two most played so far.


It’s arguably one of their best, let alone one of the best in the last 10 years.


Yeah I still very much adore it


PHALARIS has (interestingly enough) got me listening to DSS and Arche again just as much as the new album. Not even in a bad way, just that the return of some of the elements of those albums had me remembering why I loved them so much. Still so much to love on PHALARIS, I find I can start listening at almost any point and be content. it sounds like a strong balance of the best DIR EN GREY have sounded between 2010 and 2020 with at least a little renewed energy!

I don’t love the album art…