DIR EN GREY to release a GAUZE LP and a PHALARIS tours DVD/Blu-ray, roadshow of the Berlin lives to be held in Autumn

nope, all it says is “limited”. I noticed that trend among vinyl releases (mostly of more major bands though) of not giving a specific number, but only saying it’s limited. In some cases (looking at u, Gorillaz), it turns out that even after like 3 years they’re not sold out, so it’s safe to assume it was just marketing while other bands actually had a real limitation (even though higher than 500 or 1000, probably around 5000) but sold out quite slowly.


I’d argue that for 8,800 yen, even if it IS numbered that price is off the mark. Maybe if it was signed by all 5 members.

It’s gonna be a good day! I haven’t had a chance to watch the movie yet, but Hisaishi never misses. And I gotta keep the Ghibli movie soundtrack collection complete!


It’s common to see engineering costs getting factored into the vinyl price resulting in some higher than average pricing, but even then for a JP product this is high. Those recent Shiina Ringo reissues were very affordable 2 LPs with gatefolds and good quality paper material for only 4,180Y each. And they sound fine enough for vinyl. “Hide Your Face” from like 2017 was around 6,000Y (still kicking myself for not getting a copy then) and, like Phalaris, is more in line with what I would’ve expected. The highest price I tend to see for a Japanese 2 LP is around the 6,600Y mark usually for some vtuber limited album.

The band/label either flooded Mr. Kotetsu’s bank account with some major cash to produce an amazing sound for this release or the LP might have some extra packaging bells and whistles. OR they be cashing in on fan nostalgia and the current market value of those limited Gauze LPs.


I belive the real meat of this package will not the vinyl per se. I imagine there it will at least feature an photobook and interviews and the like

I don’t think so. I don’t think we usually see numbers released for JP vinyl? Only time I’ve seen pressing numbers revealed is when a smaller label releases something from a Japanese artist (e.g. Dog Knights Productions, Blood Music, etc.) Those pressing numbers are usually in the 100s. I imagine for a band as big as Dir en grey @Kumanosuke is right around the mark. 5000 seems very plausible.

To add to the “limited” label, I’ve also seen that term getting slapped on releases that got repressed. Sometimes, not soon after the initial pressing sold out. It does feel like it’s used more commonly to generate marketing hype.

A booklet of sorts would be nice. I always love a good LP sized booklet.

I’m secretly hoping they replicate the packaging for their initial limited edition CD release they did with East West Japan and add the cloudy red slipcase.

I mocked this up for fun a while back, but something like this.

Just a fake mockup


I can’t speak to that, but I just put in my pre-order on CD Japan and their site said “Only 3 initially supplied quantity left.” Now after my order has been confirmed, it says “Only 2 initially supplied quantity left.”

Edit - just realized you were asking about Phalaris numbers lol

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Welp, bought it and now it’s sold out in cdjapan


Dont moan about high prices on “limited” products. Those who appreciate the “art” will come for you. Haha.

Naww, this band is my autism long-term special interest and even for me my wallet’s hurting on this one xD


Might restock still. The Gauze vinyl said out of print yesterday or the day before before they got more. I’ve noticed this happen with vinyls only.

It will be interesting to see what the second-hand market looks like when these records start dropping because second-hand Dir en grey merch does NOT sell well on sites like eBay.

It’s fascinating to me because even though Dir en grey items don’t sell well on these sites, there’s always someone willing to pay a ridiculous price, even if the seller has to wait a year+ for it.

A new Mode of Macabre blu-ray sold for $248, and meanwhile not a single ANDROGYNOS box set has ever sold, and people are asking between $260 - 370 for those.

so sick!! I’ve slowed down buying vinyl a lot lately since I’ve been between home and uni but I might have to make an exception for this. Perhaps this will be a present to myself after exams are over.

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Limited release lmao can we get an F in the chat for me because I can’t get it :frowning:

I’m fairly certain you can still get it at HMV, amazon, tower records etc.
I’ll need to fall back on one of those too

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Damn the greed. We are sugar daddies.

HMV will have plenty and still do. just like with Phalaris, only 1 per account/ payment methood/ mailing address.

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You may be surprised, I’ve managed to find a fair few more exclusive releases on mercari for decent prices. There are lots of overpriced ones of course but occasionally someone will list a copy for way lower than everyone else, those people often sell those items pretty fast too unsurprisingly. Haha.