DIR EN GREY to release a GAUZE LP and a PHALARIS tours DVD/Blu-ray, roadshow of the Berlin lives to be held in Autumn

They’re using the regular artwork

Which, is kinda disappointing and dashes my hopes of them recreating the limited edition red slipcase from the og limited edition CD release.


But they learned from UROBOROS! It’s a 4-side LP


If they stretched this album to 4 LPs I would throw it in a lake out of principle alone


:rofl: I should clarify four sides.

Although I do want that 47 minute extended Zan version :eyes:


They now understand NOT to cram in too much on one side.

Though I still gotta wonder just how they mixed that album for vinyl because, even with the tracklisting we got, each side is well under 21 minutes. And those inside tracks sound crunched.

The side on Gauze that has Mazohyst will be roughly around the same amount of time as the side on Uroboros that has Vinushka. And I bet it’ll sound fine.

Tbh, only the forbidden Non Euclidean Gauze LP would justify the price of this thing

My dad works for Firewall and said they accidentally uploaded the wrong picture. This is the new artwork for the LP.



Picture this: a town elder at the local library recounting the time they saw that performance of “Zan” to the youth. Oh, I would be bragging while showing off memorabilia.

I dont get what the problem is, why would they not use the same artwork as the original release for a rerelease of the same album… :confused:


The original Gauze LP uses this cover. Plus Phalaris already set a precedent of unique vinyl cover art.


What Missa said. I personally think its the superior cover between the two.

Also, with a price point of 8,000¥ I was hoping there’d be more to the packaging aspect of this release. It’s an absurdly high price for a double LP if all we’re getting is a standard gatefold with black LPs. I don’t care who is mixing it. It should be like 6,000¥ max.

Of course, there’s still a few weeks left before we see what we get, but using the standard cover reduces the probability of getting some nice packaging extras like a red slipcase.


BUT if you preordered it on Amazon you’ll get a mega jacket!!


Ah, of course! How could I forget! Guess I shoulda not been worried from the start :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The best part about the mega jacket is that it’s smaller than a record sleeve.

I’ve seen one before and it just doesn’t make sense. I mean, what exactly do you do with it? A print of the cover but smaller?? If it was full size and had alternate artwork that might make it more enticing. I can always sleep at night knowing I didn’t order through amazon.

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