Dir en Grey Tour 05 it withers and withers bootlegged (SELLING)

Hey Everyone

I’ve been lurking this place for a while and trying to keep upto date with the plethora of V Kei and J Rock and enjoy reading the discussions about new releases and such.

Anyway, hope you guys don’t mind, but thought some of you seem like pretty serious collectors so thought someone may be interested.

I have recently purchased a second hand copy of the Dir en Grey A Knot exclusive DVD, it withers and withers bootlegged. I’m looking to sell this copy on as there is a minor glitch in it, during the Rock Am Ring scene it cuts about 4 minutes from the end of that part. However EVERYTHING ELSE is perfectly fine, considering the DVD is about 140mins (approx) according to the case, I just figured maybe that 4 minutes won’t be a big deal for some people. I’m just a bit anal about these things so would prefer a perfect copy, so will look for another version at some point. Aside from the DVD contents, this version comes in the original cardboard box and has the rubber band to keep the tin case securely shut and everything is again is basically brand new condition to be fair.

I am based in the UK and will be asking £15 + p&p which obviously will depend where you’re from. I feel this is a fair price considering the glitch as you’re not likely to find it half this cheap on other European distributors, even second hand. So yeah, let me know if anyone here is interested. If I don’t get any responses I’ll whack it up on ebay or discogs or something instead. + Can you also PM if interested? You can ask anything you like about the item, postage etc… and we can sort something without clogging the thread itself. + Obviously this is first come first served, so yeah, hope you’re all having a good weekend and maybe I’ll here from you soon. :slight_smile: